Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ako Municipality is already a Construction Site-Emimi Emmanuel

Ako Council Chamber under Construction
Emimi Emmanuel Ekwe is on his second mandate as CPDM mayor for Ako Council in Donga Mantung Division. Assessing his contribution towards alleviating poverty in his Municipality, Emimi Emmanuel Ekwe said while others are still waiting for giant projects to kick-start in their areas Ako has been transformed into a construction site. He cited the construction of the Ako Council Chamber, the lone storey building in the municipality and the construction of the Ako Border Market which mark the departure of the municipality already been a construction site. The construction of the council chamber estimated at over 120 million FCFA and market sheds at the border market which FEICOM has already set aside 180 million FCFA for the first phase is expected to change lives in the municipality. The CPDM mayor of Ako is gradually confirming his position as a political heavy weight. Emimi Emmanuel substantiated his leading role when he lobbied and obtained funding from FEICOM for the construction of the Ako Council Complex and the construction of over 100 sheds at the border market. To Emimi these projects have set the pace of his stewardship to the population. The euphoria expressed by the population when the construction of the council chamber kick-started portrayed a mark of satisfaction and a clear indication that Emimi’s legacy would remain indelible as he is at the end of his second mandate.
When asked to outline some of his realizations at the helm of the council, he said that politics is development and that anyone worth the salt should think of development as primacy of priority to make politics worthwhile. In enumerating his achievements, he added that when he was elected as mayor, he had five main development axes program. In order to achieve in combating poverty as well as achieving the localized MDGs, the Ako Council worked in collaboration with partners like GP DERUDEP, FEICOM, PNDP and some NGOs.
 These axes are:
·           Roads
·           Infrastructure development
·           Support to schools, communities and others
·           Access to health and education
·           Social amenities
 The prophets of doom looked at his development agenda as a political lie but yet slowly and surely he will reach his target before 2012 elapses with over 200 projects realized. 
The Ako Council under Emimi Emmanuel stands as the guarantor of development. On his people to people approach to alleviate poverty, he cited the donation of scholarship to underprivileged. Every year, the council supports at least 55 pupils and students. Through the council, benches were also donated to schools and classrooms were constructed in areas like Kuta, Akwese, Jevy and other areas.
In the area of developing farms to market roads, Emimi Emmanuel Ekwe said Ako lacks roads and the problem maybe over as the council has carried out studies on all the roads. The Ako-Buku-Abafum road which was a nightmare has been graded with the support of the Ministry of Public Works. Besides, the road Njibie-Akwaja, Asah-Akwese-Abunshie up and Ndaka- Abang road was upgraded. These roads according to Emimi Emmanuel are intended to ease the evacuation of farm produce and the movement of the population in the municipality. Studies, he said have been carried out on over six roads to disenclave the municipality.
On improving access to health facilities, he cited the construction and equipping of the Buku Health center and others. The construction of modern toilets in the municipality will go a long way to improve the welfare of the population says Emimi Emmanuel. He added that the opening of 47 streets in Ako town was one of the major realizations of the council

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