Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Biya Appoints New Governors, Abakar Moved to Adamawa, Enow Ibrahim dropped, Fai Yengo too

President Biya has signed a decree appointing Governors to lord over the regions. The following were appointed.
Adamawa- Abakar Ahamat
Centre- Eyene Nlom (maintained)
East- Samuel Ivaha Dieudonne
Extreme Nord- Awah Fonka Augustine
Littoral- Joseph Beti Assomo
North- Ottu Wilson Joseph
North West- Adolf Lele
West- Mijawah Bakary
South- Jules Marceline (maintained)
South West- Bernard Okalia Bilai, from the appointments, four SDOs have been promoted. That  decree by President Biya has raised three SDOs to Governors.They are
Extreme Nord- Awah Fonka Augustine, North- Ottu Wilson Joseph, West- Mijawah Bakary
South West- Bernard Okalia Bila. Also, it is alleged that SGs of ministries will be appointed today.


Eugene Ndi said...

Enow has been called for other duties same like Gambo Haman, Fai Yengo has gone for a deserved retirement. Enow and Gambo might be appointed as Secretary Generals in ministries. After appointment of governors today, comes the appointment of SGs in Ministries tomorrow

Aurelien Tekou said...

It came very unexpectedly but generated a wave of comments as usual. The new governors were appointed and several changes can be observed: some changed locations, some went on retirement while new ones were appointed.