Saturday, March 3, 2012

For the Mess, Vote Them Out!!!

When I was a child and just waking up to the world, my father told me that politicians are good liars and they also think that they have the prerogative to lie whenever they want.  And that they always promise to help the middle class and the poor but after all is said, the gap between the rich and poor continues to grow larger and poverty levels have remained essentially unchanged.
Now I have also discovered that instead, for the majority of us, living of Mbum land the situation is precarious. The specie of politicians we have right now are increasingly exclusive, increasingly thorny and increasingly annoying. I have observed that government has already proven itself to be out of control and virtually unmanageable as it’s secrete agents spy for heavy pay packages from politician. In fact, Donga Mantung voters don't need to make lives worse by giving failed politicians even more power and resources to waste.  I mean the votes.
What can be done?
Whether we are of the ruling party, opposition, presidential majority, proposing opposition or others, every voter should vote against every incumbent every time until those elected to office understand they must deliver on campaign promises. This is the only way to re-inject integrity back into the heads of these professional liars called politician.
Politics as Ronald Reagan once said: is supposed to be the second oldest profession. But I have come to realize that it bears a very close similarity to the first. Recently, I saw some of them who behave like people of the first oldest profession back in the field with the same hawks in Mbum (Wimbum) land in Donga Mantung Division of the North West Region. I pity them because they can never learn. Their new strive is governed by the concept of “kill man pay” with money embezzled. Although I still carry in me the picture postcard my father told me, today I have seen that in addition to what my father told me, politics in Donga Mantung especially Mbum land has transformed human beings to a more confuse set of people ready to act upon and unwrap. In fact, politics in Nkambe Central where it is rumoured the reconciliation between two SDF giants rigged lives is completely a different version dispensable to anybody building a fuller perception of the psychosomatic effects and causes of the transformation that has made human beings to continuously behave like fools. In Nkambe, the political scene has created kings without kingdoms. Some sort of a story that reveals the effects of gluttonous politicians caught between new ideologies and old identity crisis. And worst of all, I saw how power-drunken elitist conservationists have transformed selves into weapons of mass destruction because they are blinded by the conflict of self-interest and war of words.
Even though politics have turned some politicians to wolves, lions and leopards, the intrigues, conflicts, backstabbing and underdevelopment had really never meant anything to me until that day. I mean the day I became a topic in a secret political meeting in Nkambe for criticizing a politician (Hon. Awudu Mbaya). From this stand point, I have learned two important things. That first when it comes to politics, people go temporarily insane and that if any politician sees you as a challenge, you should watch out for unorthodox practices because they send people behind you with pocketed fine particles to pin you down. As Richard Day once put it “people would only discover something special about their inner strength when they are tested like a metal that can only achieve its real hardness at the highest temperature”. That is the strength I have gotten just like a frog that when tested in a heating tube and I adapted to the temperature. But the most serious threat to those who think and make-believe that they are the political kings in Mbum land is that they are not so perfect in the adapting game at varied goals, on the contrary, they have stupefied the Mbum man in a way that their problems and solutions have become one and the same. They have agreements that are never respected, sentence their party colleagues, backstab and use them like toys. I am seeing some people being fooled again.
I do not know whether the present intrigues, attacks and threats by politicians on free opinioned critics makes Donga Mantung a perfect Hobbesian state of nature but it is to me probably the closest description to it that exist in Cameroon. I am very happy that every Tom, Dick and Harry (politicians) would spare no efforts to dish out lessons to practicing journalists on ethics in defiance of the fact in society, the best are found in journalism and the dullest in politics. Though apocryphal, the Mbum political kingmakers like Hitler who sprout the minds of the unkempt frequenters of the kitchen soup would sooner or later discover the political shrewdness, amazing limitations and the weaknesses of the contemporary political lights as it matures to a monster rhythm. Oh yes, the hostilities between Hon. Awudu Mbaya and Mangoh may soon resurface as he told Mangoh never to give money to corrupt administrators because he (Mangoh) will quit in 5 or 6 months. We na fight again, we know you!!! Behind the curtain I hear the Nkambe kingmaker has already crowned journalists next mayors. Good news for me, bros welcome to the club. Sincerely speaking I support one and the other to hell.
Even though some say I am invisible and so on, above all, what I know is that God is my keeper and no one born of a woman would take-off my life. But what if I die today? My own blood brother will be happy. Yes, I will not be the calamity of the politician because my life now is just like that of an audience watching a live play on stage where the spectators at anytime could move up to the theater and interrogate the actors at their will because there are no pull-backs. Luckily God provided the pull-backs.
Eventually I have discovered that the life of a politician is like in a scene where you are searching elements of truth in a dark cave with a candle in hand and just when you think that you have spotted the white light of truth, you intensify the chase just to discover that it is someone also holding a candle and looking for the light of truth. Many things are so constant in Life, and among them is Change. Just like a wise man that having gone through such an experience described Life as what happens while you are busy planning other things. I remember my father told me on May 26, 1994 that change has no forecast because Changes happen just like marital status do change immediately a young man gets marry, separate, divorce, or remarried. Change in Mbum land is now or never.
If not of the fact that dubious money has made politicians super human beings just like (fools) nowadays command respect more than an ambitious young man who work with his brain, I doubt whether those who mistakenly found themselves on the upper stairs because of the state of nature of politics and of man, would have a say in society. I mean people whose homes should be prison yards because societies in which journalists are found-can never coincide with its political representation. Journalism which is my choice and where I stand to die today is; the province of selfless servants of the truth. As someone once put it “for journalism to thrive and play its role as the fourth Estate, politicians must always remain a news subject, not news partner! Otherwise we may be manipulated into confusing freedom of talking with freedom of speech”. Forget!!! Who ever told you that we are blinded and what about you who was tricked by these monster politicians? It would be remembered that journalists were the “enemies” list of Nixon, unearth during the Watergate scandal in the USA; Nixon’s aim was to use government machinery to screw political enemies. Since it is clear that politicians are the same and like Nixon, they all consider everyone as opponent, adversary and rival enemy, the question that has not yet got an answer is whether the security services always do their job perfectly in Nkambe. In the case of Nkambe, I doubt, because what I know is that in Nkambe security officers are allegedly on the pay roll of a particular politician. They twist information and facts in his favour to camouflage facts and realities to the detriment of the man in the street and in favour of the politicians whose daily activities is made 99% of lies (falsehood).
Leadership in the SDF which is the ruling party in Nkambe for example has become a major traffic jam or “go-slow” to development.  That is why those are crying for a change in leadership should know that it is time for voters to invest their votes in leaders who see urgent need to change, economically, socially and politically. “We need a leader with good understanding of human nature such as needs, emotions and motivation. In fact, we no more need politicians that will recruit green horns on excuse of the party allegiance or family ties in the winning team. Above all, we need someone that will inspire teamwork motivation to achieve realistic targets which is development”. Vote them out; some of them have made the positions of mayor, MP and councilor, a family estate. What counts for now is that we need new faces everywhere even if it is from the same party. If the same people come again, sanction them. Do not stay out and tomorrow you come and talk about underdevelopment, you the youths and elite of Donga Mantung when ELECAM says registration has started; be homeward bound. Be part of the new beginning and the change in leadership.

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