Thursday, March 8, 2012

Gerard Ngala Coroneted “Ta Nformi”

There is a common saying that great men are known by their actions. Those who took the pains to travel to Bamenda to attend the fundraising organized by the Nkambe Cultural and Development Association-NKACUDA would agree with me that HRH Fon brahim JAPBFU of Nkambe is a great ruler. It never took the fon of Nkambe much to acknowledge and recognize Gerard Ngala’s development prowess.
Flanked by his notables and elites, the fon of Nkambe during the groundbreaking colourful ceremony recognized the contributions of Gerard Ngala in fostering development efforts. He said that the support Gerard Ngala has given to communities in Nkambe Central especially the education sector merits recognition. There was fanfare and seventh heaven when he placed the red feather on Gerard’s cap and named him “TA Nformi Education”. It should be noted that it is thanks to Gerard Ngala that over 3500 pupils in 90 schools in Nkambe Central can now study freely giving that he recently donated tons of volumes of books to examination classes. The fon of Nkambe explained that with support from people of value like Gerard Ngala, the Mbum community will no more experience brain drain. Ta Nformi Gerard as he is popularly called now donated over 1 million FCFA as his personal contribution during the fundraising exercise to support NKACUDA activities. Speaking earlier during the fundraising, the National President of NKACUDA, Captain Chuye Mbonkur expressed gratitude to all and sundry for support the timely support. He said NKACUDA as a cultural and development association will continue to support individual and collective efforts that will foster unity and progress in Mbum land. He also thanked Mbum elite and others for the timely support and promised that the funds raised will be used judiciously for the purpose it is intended. It should be noted that over 3 million FCFA was raised during the occasion that took place under the patronage of the fon of Nkambe. In appreciating the generous contribution by Gerard Ngala, NKACUDA National President said Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala is a role model. 
Coming at the heels of the 2012 legislative and parliamentary elections, the elite who many of them stand for Gerard have expressed their support to see that Gerard leads the change that is badly needed in Donga Mantung Division. Gerard Ngala who is presently distributing maize seeds to farmers in all the villages of the municipality through his organization known as the Organization for the Improvement of Standard of Living many say they would start galvanizing to see that he emerges MP for Nkambe Central. With current reforms being carried out by ELECAM, the elections may spring a lot of surprises observers say.

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