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Hon PC Fonso Goofed, Biya has Never Won Genuine Election

Cameroon under President Paul Biya is bedeviled by regular draft-in of army to suppress election-result proclamation dissent like in many other instances. The 2011 polls despite a “Biya crushing win of circa 80 percent”, army presence and intimidation on the streets soared. This clearly infers that though proclaimed in Biya’s favour, this result is not his.   Thus it ought to warrant only a blind, dump and deaf to think that good governance particularly elections conduct is improving here. Yet opposition member of parliament PC Fonso embarrassed Cameroonians and the international community in part of his March 6, 2012 address to parliament: “There were some organizational lapses which although did not impact so much on the outcome of the polls, raised concerns on the ability of ELECAM to play its full role”
 Fellow Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon, indeed it is history now that courtesy ELECAM/Supreme Court, Biya scored 77.98% and the rest of presidential aspirants (22 of them) scoring/awarded circa 20% with Fru Ndi pecked to 10.12%. Cameroon elections monitor, ELECAM is made up of predominantly core CPDM adherents (Biya’s party militants). Hence the Biya/CPDM status of referee and player puzzles all democrats! Every thing on elections (registration of potential voters, elections, counting of votes, proclamation of results, etc) is done (without consideration of fairness to adversaries) by Biya’s men. Consequently he, Biya Paul has ruled Cameroon as president for circa 30 uninterrupted years. Cameroon today is corrupt, poor and heavily indebted unlike the relatively good old days of first president, Ahmadou Ahidjio. 
    The Yaounde declaration - October 17 where major opposition candidates met in Fru Ndi’s Yaounde residence and reviewed the gross irregularities that characterized the October 9 poll. The opposition presidential aspirants were to call for a nation wide demonstrations should the Supreme Court fail to annul the October 9 poll because of profound fraud (the famous Yaounde declaration). This declaration was signed by Fru Ndi(SDF), Adamou Ndam Njoya(CDU), Benard Muna(APF), Kah Walla(CPP), Ayah Paul(PAP), Albert Dzongang(La Dynamique) and Jean de Dieu Momo .  I would want to belief that party insider, Fonso’s pronouncement were but a slip of his tongue. However, the SDF rational philosophy for positive change for Cameroon is one that can not be easily derailed by groups of people not to talk of an individual. 
Many an opposition party including SDF claimed SDF’s flag bearer, Fru Ndi won the poll, based on their representatives’ poll-stations signed records.

          The Supreme Court which is of course at the beck and call of the president endorsed the scam once more and proclaimed Biya president.

“Mr. Biya has murdered democracy, crucified justice and implanted tribalism on very fertile ground in Cameroon. They render us poor so that youth can sell and mortgage their future for FCFA 500”, is a minute extract of one of Fru Ndi’s speeches after the October 9 election.
         All this cry by many about the conduct of the 2011 presidential election amounts just to “Some organizational lapses which did not impact so much on the out come of the polls”  to Fonso ! – Strange!
  SDF from creation in 1990 is a compendium of what good governance, particularly election conduct should be. The party’s recommendations have generally been accepted nationally and internationally. Some of these good governance prescriptions include the party’s 11 points minimal requirements for fair, transparent and acceptable elections which include inclusion of biometric data such as finger prints as well as pictures on voter registers and voter cards, utilization of single ballot paper, institution of a two round presidential election, exclusion of ministry of territorial administration from all ELECAM functions. Fonso SDF MP for the third consecutive term running should not show such ignorance vis-à-vis practical realities and party goals as he did in his address speech to parliament.  
The party February 29, 2012 submitted more contributions via the Prime Minister for the drafting of a bill by the current session of parliament on the electoral code in Cameroon. This document includes touches on the constitution to facilitate good governance. Party as well, in a bid to enfranchise more Cameroonians, suggests cost free acquisition of National Identity Cards. It is worth noting that these identity cards are usually used for voter registration and other important citizen chores. They already contain important biometric data like the finger print and pictures of their respective owners. The cost of establishing one is circa FCFA 8000. With high unemployment in the country, many cannot afford this important document.  
 Age wise, Hon PC Fonso is the eldest of the current Cameroon MPs and is serving his third term as parliamentarian on the SDF ticket. His address of the opening session of the house follows a rule that allows the eldest MP to address the opening sessions of each legislative year.
          In 1992, it is worth mentioning, national and international observer missions claimed that Fru Ndi - candidate for the opposition won the presidential polls. But Biya used might of incumbency and perpetuated himself in power. Since then till date he has never won any genuine elections. Parliamentary seats and councils are instead allocated instead of the outcome of the ballot box.
          The controversial October 9, 2011 Presidential poll results were known courtesy the World Wide Web and local media even before elections day. After the polls, circa same results were shamelessly dosed out to Cameroonians. Where then is the progress registered by ELECAM?

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Hervé toupa said...

The opposition has never acknowledged any defeat during elections in Africa in general and in Cameroon. This report is thus not surprising. President Paul Biya has always won elections in all transparency and respect of the rights of citizens, the final results have always reflected their choices.CPDM has a huge and massive support and thus does not need to rig elections.The opposition is always transparent before the elections and often tends to appear during electoral period and expect to do something considerable. You cannot feed a fowl on the market day and expect it to get fat enough for sale.