Thursday, March 8, 2012

Kah Walla: The Woman with Presidential Ambitions

The most comfortable act on earth they say is to fulfill ones dream. Mss Kah Walla, the Coordinator of Cameroon O’Bosso and founder of Strategy cum is not a woman to pigeon hole with. Even though some people are of the opinion that far away hills always look very green, female Presidential candidate for 2011 Presidential Elections when looked closer she is as green as green pepper. To begin with, Kah Walla is a very brilliant woman. The chair lady of CCP is not someone to pigeon-hole with.
With Strategy, a not for profit organization she was able to move mountains reasons why the World Bank selected her among the most brilliant enterprising African women. In fact, Kah Walla has an International reputation that makes a great difference with her peers. The truth about Kah Walla is that she is first of all very courageous and result-oriented. While in the Social Democratic Front where she occupied the privileged position of head of the Strategic Committee she was as excellent and accurate as a mathematic teacher. Being a woman did not hinder her from performing the most demanding and strategic role for the SDF party. Yet, Kah Walla decided to quit the SDF to be record holder as the ever first Cameroonian woman to declare her ambitions to rule Cameroon. Waoo, a woman with Presidential ambitions is not just any Jack, Dick or Harry but someone who knows she has the potentials. However, Kah has become a force to reckon with in Cameroon and one of the few politicians that creates panic when she addresses burning issues.
Kah Walla is a good orator and a perfect public speaker from the agglomeration of her education. As a graduate from Howard, she is not just a product of fineness but also she is smart and proactive.  She has the God-given knack that she is clicked by the charm that easily convinces people. When she launched her Presidential race to the Unity Palace, the Kahwallamania syndrome took Cameroonians like the hike in the prices of coffee and cocoa took farmers unaware last February.
As a trainer, Kah Walla holds record for setting up a structure that is recognized worldwide. In Cameroon, she has empowered hundreds of youths. From Europe to America, she has left a mark of greatness as a leader. Get her from sleep and challenge her to a debate and you would realize that she is all Cameroon need to effect change. To any body who wants to enjoy Kah Walla do not go to challenge her, go to discuss with her and you will not regret for having met such a super intelligent woman. She is of the school of thought that holds the conviction that Africa is rich but the problem is with it leadership. The range of her level headedness has attracted the world not just because she is a woman for that matter rather because she appears to come from a rare breed of woman

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