Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pochi Tamba Nsoh: The Young Genius

What keeps the world going is trust but it is not a given to have trustworthy people. Rudyard Kipling, one of the finest English writers once said that “if you can keep your head when all around you are losing theirs and if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat the two the same, yours is earth and everything that is in it”. This is a simple fact and it is referred to one person, Pochi Tamba Nsoh.
She is a journalist by profession and vocation. What is important about this young and talented journalist is that she is innovative, down to earth and fertile in expedients. So when we talk of a vocation, it simply implies that Pochi is not just working as a journalist for money but on the contrary she works as a journalist to serve people. Pochi Tamba Nsoh is a golden voice on CRTV Morning Safari program. She falls within the ranks of the new breed of leaders born with extra abilities to lead. If we go by Albert Einstein who declared that genius is 1/10 inspiration and 9/10 perspiration, Pochi is a genius. This means that for somebody to be termed a genius that person must be a workaholic. In this light, Pochi Tamba merits to be cited among women celebrities if not the story of women who acts as role model to young girls will remain incomplete. What is so interesting about Pochi Tamba Nsoh is that she has leadership qualities that are very rare in women.
As initiator of Africa’s most vibrant youth organization, Pochi believes in group dynamism. What people do not know about Pochi is that she introduced the notion of youth renaissance, dynamism and mobilization when she initiated the Network of African Youths for Development-. If youths in Cameroon could today be talking proudly about the Cameroon National Youth Council, Pochi saw that vision long ago.  If Mother Teresa became a celebrity it is because she did extraordinary things and Pochi at her age is not far from Mother Teresa. Meet her for a discussion then you will discover you have met a genius. When Pochi is on the microphone, the courage and the frankness she expresses tells you that only a person without skeletons in the cupboard can attempt. It is this frankness that has made her the most admired woman among women. She is a lady of a specific class. Cameroon they say is Africa in miniature and it is indicative that role models are bound to be in Cameroon in all walks of life. What obtains today is that Pochi is making the Anglophone community proud at CRTV. On face book with her group Pochi and friends, she is a motivator.

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