Monday, March 12, 2012

SDO Slams Ban on Kwifon, others

Following the bloody confrontation that took place in Ndu sub Division in Donga Mantung Division of the Northwest region of Cameroon, the Senior Divisional Officer has slammed a ban on public manifestation of the two traditional secret groups(kwifon and Mbsoh). According to well-placed sources, the SDO has said these two groups have been banned from all public manifestations until further notice. The musical album that ignited the bloody confrontation between members of the two secret groups and members of the Cameroon Baptist Convention-CBC has also been banned from circulation for infringing into the  Mbum tradition. Yet, traditionalists are of the opinion that the decision by the SDO was one-sided and that the provocation came from the Christians musical album. There is tension in Mbumland, even though the SDO for Donga Mantung Division is quoted to have aired that a commission will be put in place to study the situation. Sources say three people are reported arrested and more than five reported hospitalized. However, the situation critical minds say could easily go out of hand if the situation is not handled with alot of care and tactfulness. It should be remembered that the Kwifon (nwarong) is the supreme  traditional secret society in the grassfeild and is never tampered with. "Never in the history of our tradition has the kwifon been banned" one elderly person told me on phone. Notwithstanding when contacted on phone, the SDO said he took the decision to calm flaring tempers because if it continues many people will to prison.

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Anonymous said...

Bravo bang bullet tell them am proud of you, you are the kind of people we need to change our
division, speak what you have in mind.
am so happy about what you wrote in the paper.
that,s Good go ahead bro,see you when i come back,am now in germany for some mission, will be home in mai. bye Dr kimbi