Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala Storms Binshua Palace, Creates Ecstasy

Ta Nformi savouring mabuh display
There was glee and trumpet blast at the Binshua Fon’s palace on Monday March 26 and March 27, 2012 when Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala stormed the Binshua palace to pay homage to late Fon Tangiri Clement. Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala was triumphantly accompanied to the Binshua palace palencia by the masquerades as well as an excited population of over 5000 people. The animation was in totality a sign of the maturity and jam-packed of fanfare as the masquerades majestically demonstrated the rich cultural heritage of the (Wi) Mbum people. It was another unique occasion for the people of Binshua to see the yung dynamic man who has been leaving no stone unturned in fostering development efforts on Mbum land. Those who have never seen him before but have always heard, could be heard and seen expressing the merriment at the top of their voices. The Binshua trip was part of an eventual event schedule that took the Nkambe Central Parliamentary aspirant into the inner court of the Binshua Palace where he paid a courtesy call to the newly enthroned Fon Kimbi. Just like in the (wimbum) tradition, “he acknowledged with happiness that the fon is back”. Clouded with joy and overwhelming feeling, Gerard Ngala announced that he would come officially to the pay homage to the departed hero on 28, 2012. There was ecstasy and trumpet-blast when he announced that he will storm the Binshua palace in his capacity as “Ta Nformi”, a son of Mbum land and someone who holds the conviction of that the (Wi) Mbum are one.
At about 3pm on today Monday 27, Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala was received at the entrance to Binshua village by his supporters, friends as well as masquerades. The convoy took over 2 hours to cover a distant of 5km. Upon arrival at the Binshua Palace palencia, the population went wild. His arrival was dignified by a 20 gunshot in homour of the departed hero and the newly enthroned fon of Bishua who sat majestically on the throne to welcome a young man who has showed that he is development oriented. In a note of joy, Fon Ibrahim Jabfu of Nkambe thanked Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala for his attachment to the Mbum culture. The fon of Binshua who according to the Mbum tradition could not make any public declaration until he is officially presented to the public could only speak through the fon of Nkambe. It should be noted that Gerard Ngala was accompanied by two dance groups. He brought along with him a cow and approximately 2000 liters of white mimbu. Dancing and gun shooting took the central stage to add more colour to the celebration.
Addressing the population, Ta Nformi Gerard Ngala said he has come to pay homage to someone who has done much to foster development. He called on the population to ignore the clannish system because he came as a son of Mbum land and not from a particular clan. Emphasizing on the importance of communal endeavours for the betterment of all, he calls on all and sundry the celebrate the departure of the late fon and the enthronement of the new fon as Mbum people from Tikari and not clans. The message was applauded and from the amount of applauds, it was evident that everyone cherishes the new concept of pushing the Mbum people as a united front and not in disperse in the name of clans.
Born in 1940, Late Fon Tangiri Clement was enthroned in 1969. As the ruler of the Binshua people, he fought hard to foster development in his village. He would be remembered to have lobbied for the creation of GSS Binshua, the establishment of the Binshua water scheme, the creation of primary schools, the unity of Mbum people and the electrification of the village. He would be committed to memory as the only fon in Mbum land that had always sat on the royal throne. Until last January 13, 2012 that he disappeared (since in the Mbum tradition a fon never dies) he was a fon to reckon with. The new fon who was enthroned on March 25, 2012 is also expected to continue from where the late fon ended.  

Ta Nformi Gerard paying tribute to mabuh


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i admire this young man, i heard hon. awudu was found in his car, could someone tell me what he was doing threr please?

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Wimbum people should support this young man, i think he can do many things for the people back home.