Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Bill on Electoral Law is a Mockery-Ni John Fru Ndi

The National chairman of the Social Democratic Front-SDF has said that the bill on the electoral law is a mockery of the people of Cameroon by the Biya regime. Ni John Fru made the declaration a fortnight ago in Bamenda after a strategic meeting of the party. According to Ni John Fru Ndi, that bill should be dismissed.
He also observed that Cameroonians have simplified things for a long time and Mr. Biya thinks he can still dribble them and do the things he wants to do. He observed that “we started with the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization and the NEO 1 and 2, we have borrowed from Senegal, created Elecam” and to make a u-turn to assassinate democracy. Harping on the advanced democracy of the Biya regime, Ni Johh Fru said that he is happy that “Cameroonians are witnesses to what happened. I wonder if Mr. Biya has hypnotized Cameroonians. But he must know that sometimes the effect of hypnotizing expires”.
Our members have made their proposal taking into account the eleven points of the SDF. These are things which the SDF talked of since 1990. This is a legalistic point of view as we speak, we want laws that will govern the elections”

Fru Ndi said that when the SDF boycotted the 1992 elections, everyone blamed the SDF but today the only clarion call is for “Cameroonians of good will who have at heart the interest of this country and who are in parliament to reject this bill.
Cameroonians should go out as one man and fight for their rights. Look at the countries in North Africa, Mali, in some places the population has begun to fight
Accordingly, he called on Cameroonians, whatever their areas to fight for their rights. “The country belongs to us all; it is not only Fru Ndi, Dzongang, Ndam Njoya or leaders of any party. I think the day has dawned. Cameroonians have seen what has happened elsewhere”.
On the biometric registration recently announced by ELECAM, Ni John Fru Ndi said that he knew there was an ax behind that reasons why he told journalists came to him for comments that it was too early to make any declaration. “I told you that I reserve the time and that will tell us. The bishops and others that has made Elecam, what did they do? But when I criticized the journalists said Fru Ndi expects the angels from heaven to take care of the problem in Cameroon. I deal with people I know, they will do nothing good. They are strong and perfect in corruption, so that there is a rumor that the President of Elecam boasted that they have applied the scientific fraud. If this is what they have done what can still go beyond them?”

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