Thursday, April 12, 2012

Gerard Ngala Voted 2011 Man of the Year (The Eye 2011 National Award for Excellence)

Gerard Ngala: The Great politician, Development Luminary and Philanthropist
Gerard Ngala, Parliamentary Aspirant for Nkambe, a business young man based in Douala has been voted Man of the Year. The jury headed by Gwain Colbert Fulai proclaimed the results today, April 12, 2012 in Bamenda after a thorough verification online votes and votes through mobile phones. Gerard Ngala received the highest number of votes from the public to win the prestigious Man of the Year Award. Jury members included Donat Suffo (Le Messenger), Nji Ignatius (Eden), Ngah Benjamin (The Standard), Chifu George (The Sun), Fai CASSIAN (The Eye), Abanda MARCEL (DMCR), Nji Justin (Civil Society), Emelda Ngingyu (Civil Society), Ndi Eugene Ndi (The Eye) and Aminateh Nkemngu (Eden). According to the chairman of the jury, Gwain COLBERT, the award ceremony will take place in Nkambe on April 30, 2012.
Below is the list of laureates/winners
National Category      
Man of the Year: Gerard Ngala
Politician of the Year: John BEGHENI Ndeh
The Most Incisive Political Scientist: Elvis Ngolle Ngolle
Most Charismatic Politician: Ngafeeson Emmanuel BANTAR
Best MP: Hon. PC Fonso & Wirngo Buba Kiboh
Best Political Strategist: Adamu Musa
Best Civil Society Activist: Benard Njonga
Best Road Construction Company: Societe Mag
Most acclaimed Social critic: Ndi MANJONG
Best Manager of State Corporation: Emmanuel Etoundi oyono
Most Pragmatic Result Oriented Director:   Mokom Daniel
Best Mayor: Fungoh Cletus & Wanlo JOHN
Most Acclaimed Development Oriented Luminary: Retired Col. Weriwoh Tembeng Godfred 
Best Non Governmental Organization: SHUMAS & SNV
Best Tourism Promoter: Ndawara Tea Estate & Dreamland
All Round Best Hotel: Mawa Hotel Bamenda
Most Popular Traditional Ruler: Fon Chafah Isaac IX
Most Modern Traditional Ruler: HRH Prof Jikong Stephen & Anyangwe Ericsyrol
Best Poverty Alleviation Pastoral Complex: Tadu Dairy Project
All Round Best Rural Development Project: GP DERUDEP
Best Settler Community Leader: Dr. Sa Majeste Atsatsopo Menkep Napsewengap Kemajo Ngongang JACOB Brisco & Chief Awa (Awa &Sons)

Donga Manung Achievement Award
Donga Mantung True Leader: Dr. FUH Calistus Gentry
All Round Best MP: Hon. Esther Ngala
Best MP in Micro Project Management: Genesis Mbucksek & Hon Ntoi Joseph Kay
Best Divisional Officer: Ngange Victor Marcel-DO Nk’be
All Round Best Security Officer: Olivier NJABEA & Nsowri Michael
Best Divisional Delegate: Bangsi JOHN
Best Mayor: Ngomfe-Loma David & Nkenda Simon Sunde
Most improved Council: DK Nfor (Ndu) & Emimi Emmanuel (Ako)
Most Dynamic Rising Politician: Ndasi Elvis
The Most Acclaimed Young Politician: Alhadji Abdou Borno Kamfon
The Most Charismatic Politician: Fon Martin Yembe
Best Political Strategist: Langhi David & Ngi Christopher
Woman of the Year: Mme Achidi Achu Judith & Mme Nkenda Magreta
All Round Best Principal: Ken Martin
Best Principal of Technical Education: Cletus Njobe
Best Female Principal: Monica Nchuwa
Best Youth Result-oriented Organization: Bongjo Foundation & YODO-Cameroon
Most Innovative Development Program: CDC Oil Palm Expansion & BOCOM Mining Exploration Program
Best Secondary School Principal: Tarlishi Oliver & Afoumbo VINCENT
All Round Best Mission School: St. Ritas
All Round Best Social Critic: Bang Bullet
Best Promoter of Nursery & Primary Education: Savannah Billingual Nursery and Primary School
Best Rising Entrepreneur: Ets Hamza & Ets Chuye Nelson
Best Musician: Awilo alias IPP
Best Cultural DANCE Group: Toumalo of Mbot and Kup of Binju
Best Traditional Folklore: Dogo Dogo Elvis & SHEY Godlove
Best Farmer: Njanko Juliana & Ngeh Jato
Sports Person of the Year: Ivone Ngwaya
Citadel of Tradition: Nkambe Fons Palace
Best Indigenous Forest Monitor: Fon of Mbaah
Most Acclaimed Youth Leader: Franklin Ndzi
Climate Change Campaigner: Farmer Tantoh
Best Vocational Training Center: God First Tailoring Workshop
Best Community based Journalist: Ndi Richard Tamnjong
Most Organized Achaba UNION: Nwa Achaba Union

The Eye’s 2011 Goodwill Ambassadors
Best Columnist: HRH Fon Benchep Adamu
Best Newspaper Vendor: Jean Paul Wafo & NGWA Emmanuel
Best Reader: Fai Ndinjohnfor of Binju

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Anonymous said...

Good initiative,but jurry members are not supposed to be known so that failed contenders do not bear grudges against them.grosso modo,the results are good if not for the charisma of the Fon yembes which is doubtful.charisma is not political prostitution.

The Eye Newspaper said...

Please i wish to make it clear that ever since Martin Yembe resigned from the position of Provincial chairman he has never meditated in any other political party. First of all, maybe you are not away that he is a political consultant and supports good ideas. Others have resigned and the next day they are heard of tree tops declaring for this or that political party. To say charisma is not political prostitution is an over-statement. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Most Pragmatic Director is really merited by M.Mokom Daniel.You people are the best.All of the above mentioned really merits.