Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hon. Tamfu to be Buried on April 28 not 21

Hon. Samuel Ngeh Tamfu, former CPDM MP for Nkambe cum Donga Mantung political encyclopedia who died in Yaounde recently will be buried in his Taku village on April 28, 2012 and not April 21st as earlier announced in a tentative funeral program. Hon. SN Tamfu who was the lone member of the CPDM polibureau from the North West Region until last September 28, 2011 is expected to be given a state burial sources hinted. According to information gathered, Prime Minister Philemon Yang is also expected in Taku, where he will represent the head of state at his burial.
According to a hint, the burial has been carried forward due to a meeting earlier planned to take place on April 21, 2012 in relation to the 50th Anniversary of the celebration of reunification. A meeting which confidential sources hinted will be chaired by Prime Minister Philemon Yang and other key Anglophone personalities who would also like to pay their last homage to the departed hero are also suppose to be part of the meeting reasons why the burial ceremony has been carried forward. Hon. Tamfu it should be recalled until his death initiated a dream for the people of Donga Mantung with the creation of the Far North West Region of Cameroon yet public opinion holds that one of the gifts the people of Donga Mantung are expecting from President Biya to commemorate the passing away of this great statesman is the creation of that region. Another school of thought holds that Hon. Tamfu who through that dream was able to unite all and sundry would only smile in his grave if the powers that be give his dream a special consideration.

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Anonymous said...

Hon. Tamfu deserves the creation of the Far North West than the state burial. The Far North Region will give him more smiles than the state burial because he has done much for this regime.