Thursday, April 12, 2012

Protest At National Assembly, Two Political Leaders Arrested, Five others too

A group of political activists and two opposition leaders are said to have been arrested yesterday April 11, 2012 in an attempt to demonstrate and express their grievances against the bill on electoral law tabled by government to the Cameroon National Assembly for adoption. It is alleged Hilaire Kamga and Kah Walla were arrested alongside their supporters in Yaounde. Eye witness accounts that as early as Kah Walla flanked by a group of activists estimated to be more than twenty as well as CPP militants had placed themselves on roadsides prepared to storm the National Assembly. Dressed in yellow T-shirts with their mouths and nostrils bandaged, a sign which indicates that the new electoral law stings.
Unfortunately just at the entrance to CETIC Ngoa-Ekelle, less than a kilometer away from the Promised Land (National Assembly) where the masquerade is taking place, they encountered police interruption. And for good reason best known to the Yaoude regime, the protest march has not been authorized by the Divisional Officer, they say. Determined, Kah Walla explains that this is little public protest but simply "walk of a few citizens." His sense of humor is not shared by the cops who have been reinforced. In the mad rush, some activists were arrested. 
At about 11 am yesterday, we gathered that Hilaire Kamga was also picked up by police alongside two others. It is alleged that  Hilaire Kamga wanted to meet the House Speaker Cavaye Yegue Djibril but was whist off by police officials. Sources there is tension in Yaounde as political activists continue to invade the capital city.

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