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Who Wants to Distabilize the CPDM in Nwa

Politics, it is admitted is a means to an end; but it is not necessarily that the end must be a groveling one. Indeed, the value of a politician must be determined, for the most part, by the greatness of its aim and the largeness of the result accomplished. Whenever politics goes with tangible results, it will not fail of being useful if handled by people with character and conscience because it extensiveness and non-interventionist will impact people positively.
The 27th anniversary of the CPDM was celebrated in the Donga Mantung V Section-Nwa amidst hullabaloo and incongruity. Even though onlookers could not notice angry faces or twist but from within local party officials everyone looked suspicious at everyone at every given moment. In his speech Section President Hon. Genesis Mbucksek called on all and sundry to join the bandwagon to foster development efforts in the oldest sub division. Hon. Genesis Mbucksek used the occasion to praise government efforts on improving the road network in the constituency. Hon. Genesis Mbukseck also exhaled that in the few days, traveling to Nwa will no more be a problem giving that the SOP-Rom-Mben road is under construction as well as the Sabongari-Nwa road. On his part, the CPDM mayor for Nwa, Dr. Ngomfe Loma-David used the occasion to present his road map for the municipality. Even though, from the speeches all seems well, it is alleged that the present political scene in Nwa is intensely progressive but practically, it has some self-centered individuals who want to set confusion, we gathered. According to confidential sources, some CPDM militants upon entering into the political scene in Nwa are said to have a hop skip-and-jump-start ambitions that is gradually tearing the CPDM in particles. The Eye gathered that some of these militants rush from one to another with a suddenness that would have taken away the breath of an ancestor. Without any conviction that it was through moderation that the party emerged victorious, everyone seems blinded that this virtue seem unknown. It is also aired that the party has been transformed into a sinkhole for character assassination with gigantic schemes that may kill the party. Yet we gathered that instead of working in a group with unsparing energy to accomplish large results, some militants pass off the stage of action like the vanishing of a meteor, to make room for breathless obnoxious plans pressing close upon the heels of their party comrades.
The most pathetic thing is that in the mess, a man succeeds or fails in a moment and in the next is forgotten, in the hurry and bustle of new excitement. The first is forgotten even though the results are unbeaten. And political pundits have been wondering whether the rushing  mad haste politics in Nwa is not at fever-heat, with no relaxation, no rest, no enjoyments because tribalism and clannish tendencies have taken politicians hostage. Whatever else it is, public opinion in Nwa holds that in these days any changes should not be to settle political scores but must be conducive to a beneficial result. It must have a distinctly practical bearing upon the duties of one's vocation because ever since Hon. Genesis Mbucksek was elected Section President the results have being a mark of improvement reasons why “we are proud to show that our President produced the best practical results since 2002” says one militant. The crying from grassroot militants’ demand men who can accomplish results easily and quickly. However, field testimonies from militants are bound that Hon. Mbucksek has been up to the task giving that he has been instrumental both in building the party at the grassroots and made the people of Nwa to have a taste of Parliamentary goodies. To confirm this, The Eye had earlier covered Parliamentary goodies distribution in the Nwa and the Mbaw plain where bundles of zincs were handed to beneficiaries.
However, The Eye gathered that an unprecedented group split has taken over behind the scene with unpopular political kingpins scheming to put in place a loathsome plan to destabilize the party. From all indications, many political schemers are waxing behind the scene for the unexpected to take the center stage. At the 27th Anniversary of the CPDM, The Eye accosted the two elected officials of Nwa and this is what they said.
Hon Genesis Mbucksek (MP/ Section President)
The Brain behind CPDM Success in Nwa from 2002
The enthusiasm and the massive turn out you see today indicates that Nwa is loyal to the Head of State, state institution, the CPDM and President Paul Biya. In the past, the people of Nwa were disenchanted but from what are happening you can bear testimony that the people of Nwa have embraced the NEW DEAL wholeheartedly. The results have improved lips and bounds and it shows how we are loyal and supportive of the CPDM. You can easily judge this from the results in favour of the CPDM candidate. I am optimistic that we are going to win but we have a lot of work ahead of us. With the modernization of our electoral system, I think we have food on the table and we have to go out there and sensitize the population to register massively. The task ahead of us is to make sure that people register. We have the number in Donga Mantung Division that is why Nwa is a force to reckon with. You know the main problem we have here is that of identification centers and we did our best last year thanks to the generosity of the Head of State because it increased the number of voters. As you heard from the message of the central committee, we are here also to sensitize the population on biometric registration.
When we talk of democracy and aspiration, it is a legitimate right but yet people don’t understand that they are born leaders who ignite popular support from the masses. Of course, it goes along with detractors, I mean those who would always feel that it should have been them. And at times, we may talk of personality conflict which is intended to mar the good work we have been doing. It is common to hear that this or that person should be changed. I see this as an intention to bring on board people who will come and destroy the good work we have worked for years to obtain. I think the results are there to testify who did what. But as humans, there are bound to be some weaknesses. However, I feel that the successes are more. Our results from 2002 talk by itself and I think those who have stories to tell should do it with honesty because the house is not on fire.
I want to use the 27th Anniversary to make it known that we have been supporting sports, supported schools, community projects and this time I just wish to announce that we have a huge package for the youth of Nwa. Youths are our priority of priorities. In the past, politics was about bringing jugs of wines but now things have changed. We have to lobby for development projects. You can see that Nwa is not the same, many things have changed, we have good roads, we have good infrastructure for schools, health centers. And without the personality conflict, the CPDM is bound to move mountains in Nwa and change lives positively. I am glad that the population is conscious; they have also understood that the development agenda of Cameroon for the next seven years is known and we have to work towards achieving our localized MDGs. I am doing it as the Member of Parliament, the council is doing it part and from the enthusiasm, the population is happy. Let me tell you that doubting Thomases have been joining us everyday and I think that if anyone wants to give me flowers, let the flowers be given to me and not else.

Ngomfe-Loma David (Mayor Nwa)
 We are actually sensitizing the population on biometric registration and the message is for them to register massively to prepare for the upcoming elections. If everything is positive in Nwa, it is thanks to me that the CPDM has done a lot. When I took over the council, we had more than FCFA 70 million accrued debts but gradually we have paid all the debts. I think we are the only council in the Division that pays salaries regularly and the Nwa Council has been able to construct classrooms from revenue collected locally. We have worked to improve on the road network. The Nwa-Gom road, Nwa-Rom-Mbem road and the Nwa-Sabongari road are a good example of the disenclavement strategy we have engaged for the betterment of the people. In the past, traveling to Nwa was a nightmare but nowadays, things have changed. Hopefully, I think I should be re-elected into the council to concretize all what we have started.

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