Monday, May 28, 2012

Marafa, Abah Abah, Yves Michel Moved to Ilegal Prison-SED

Sources linked to SED Yaounde have hinted that the three luxury prisoners caught in the dragnet of the sparrow hawk have been confined in a solitary confinement since last Friday in cells furnished the Secretary of State for Défense. Polycarpe Abah Abah, Marafa Hamidou Yaya and Yves Michel were finally transferred to new individual cells in the newly designed basement of the Secretariat of State for Defence, located at the lake side, opposite the Gendarmerie Legion Centre in Yaounde. This transfer was announced since May 18, 2012 yet it finally became effective last Friday May, 25 2012.  It was about 19h30mn on Friday evening that some thirty elements heavily armed and masked Special Forces (bir), an elite unit that specializes of the police that fights organized crime transported the three prisoners from Kondengui to their present cells. The leader of the troop, an officer of the Central Research judicial, plunges immediately into the office of the Superintendent with a dozen elements while others were positioned outside the penitentiary.
After a brief exchange with Medard Bomotoliga, prison guards were ordered to bring the three detainees.  Marafa and Yves Michel Fotso who were playing tennis table were approached by a prison guard who quietly told the former Adg Camair to go to the office of the Superintendent. He immediately abandoned his racket to Zogo Andela who pursued the game of ping-pong. Some time later, Marafa is in turn invited.
It is alleged that Policarp Abah Abah resisted and even requested for the mandate of their transfer. Eye witness accounts that Abah Abah even unmasked one of the police officers which almost resulted into a confrontation. There is tension in Kondengui Prison as prison guards are asking their role if prisoners are now accompanied by police.
 Reacting to the transfer of Abah Abah to SED, Me  Nouga  said "we have not had access to meet my client since Friday”. Asked whether his client could at least enjoy a visit to a close, the lawyer assumes, without being certain, we were able to bring him food by one of his captors interposed. This raises, once again, he said, the problem of security of Abah Abah to which those responsible for transmitting his food to eat do not inspire confidence. But the Lawyers of Abah Abah, Michel Fotso and Marafa say the transfer of prisoners to Sed violates several provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure. In particular article 551 which stipulate that "any person detained under a court order is held in a prison." Or a prison. According to a lawyer who preferred anonymity, "it is a place that depends on the Prison Service. For that reason alone, there is no legality in the actions of the government and especially since they were under the detention of the regime. “In this case, the Sed is not a recognized place of detention in the text and the laws in force Cameroon. Our source also states that "nothing justifies an administrative authority, may deliberately decide to transfer without specifying the location and duration.

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