Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pro Marafa Tracts Invade Yaounde while Fru Ndi Offers Lawyers

  It is alleged former Minister of Territorial Administration and Decentralisation, Marafa Hamidou Yaya, detained at the Kondegui Prison is seeking support from SDF national chairman. According to information gathered Marafa is alleged to have sent envoys to SDF Chairman, Ni Fru Ndi to help him get 'credible' Anglophone lawyers to plead his case. Ever since Marafa was taken arrested, he has been writing letters from the prison cell. Yet, in his third open letter declares his intention to run for Presidency from his prison cell. However, it is runoured that both Marafa and Inoni will e removed from the Kondengui prison and relocated them in the better controlled and even more secured military confinement area in the Camp Yeyap in Yaounde, precisely under the care of the  Gerdermerie section of the town known as SED; controlled by the Secretariat of State for Defence.
Yaoude inhabitants got up today morning to e greeted by pro-Marafa tracts requesting for his release. He case seems to becoming even a far greater national security threat issue since claiming his innocence and calling for his immediate release were seen posted in strategic corners of the economic city of Douala the day before yesterday, and then again in the capital city Yaounde same day yesterday that the move was made to transfer him and Inoni over and closer to the military surveillance zone. And despite deliberate government efforts at cover up, Garoua, the hometown of the former Secretary General and Minister of Territorial Administration (Interior) has been in one for of social agitation for his release or the other, since the day of his pre-trial detention. En route with a security agent during my return trip from a recent visit to Yaounde, this security insider confided in me that in Garoua and some many other localities in the grand north, apart from visible tracts in circulation asking threateningly for Marafa release, taxis and other mass transportation vehicles have opted on a partial boycott of government service areas in show of support for Marafa.

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Njousi said...

Justice should be done and not seen to be done. Marafa speaks out the mind of so many who suffer unjustly in the hands of a system that does not let equity reign. An odious system that consumes its own kind by the gross while the others wine and dine and wait for their turn to face the guillotine. The question that reigns on every lip is who well? Meme le chef d'etat mur.