Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tension Mounts in Nkambe over Electricity Cuts

For two months, Nkambe quarter in Ngwayu has gone without electricity. According to the Nkambe collecting center Chief of AES SONEL, over 2010meters of cables fired (burnt) worth about 10million. He explained to The Eye that they in Nkambe only have power to read, distribute bills and collect money. The Ngwayu problem like any other problem, their job is to inform their hierarchy who then sent a team for examination estimate and subsequently repair. For the last problem of Ngwayu, it was alleged it only AES SONEL Baffoussam can rescue but they later shifted the responsibility to Douala that is not within their power. The worst is that the AES SONEL, did not communicate the victim of power failure as they were busy dishing out bills and collecting money where no electricity is used. Initially, the rest of the electricity users stage a peaceful match to the SDO Donga – Mantung to express their grievance. The SDO calmed them, promising to do his best for electricity to return to the quarter. After making series of unfruitful calls to electric bosses in Bamenda to come and explain to the public the problem and measures put in place the Divisional Office for Nkambe Ngangue Victor Marcel had no option than to seal their (AES SONEL) Office in Nkambe. Before the Divisional Officer Seal the office electricity users had planned to stage an indefinite strike. Prior to the Monday they planned to launch the strike, The Divisional Officer for Nkambe, members of CNYC Donga Mantung among VSG help and calmed them down. The VSG called on them to be patient as the administration taken some measures by sealing the office. Last Wednesday, the population of Nkambe gathered at the Nkambe the Fon’s palace where the AES SONEL team from Bamenda promised to come and talk to the population but unfortunately, they failed their promise. The Divisional Officer at the end of that meeting promised the population that AES SONEL office will remain sealed till the problem is solved. Electricity users of Ngwayu-Nkambe where most of the main shop, photo lab, bakeries, and Radio and TV stations are found agreed with the electricity users in the whole of the Division not to pay any bills coupled with the fact that the office was sealed. On his part, the Mayor of Nkambe council Mangoh Jones Tanko promised to hire a lawyer for the population of his Municipality to take AES SONEL to pay damages to electricity users in Nkambe. One of the electricity users in that quarter who owned a Recording Studio Franklin , expressed frustration of going back to the village. Within the period, the users were equally disgruntled with the taxation department as they were very conspicuous every day in the quarter hunting for taxes. The electricity users of that quarter decided that, they will not pay any tax not electricity bill until their damages are paid.

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