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That Controversial Farewell Speech of Mayor of Nkambe about Hon. SN Tamfu

-Distinguished guests and Political Partners.
-The Members of Hon S.N.Tamfu’s Family= Both Brothers and Sisters, Wives and Children.
-The Administration and Population of Nkambe.
I stand here as the Mayor of Nkambe Council to bid farewell to one of the great leaders of Mbum land and political leaders of Donga-Mantung.
   I came to know Pa Tamfu when he was a sales Clerk here in Nkambe in 1958 and I was a standard 1boy in CBM School Binka. From that time till now is 54 years. History books say that such a period of knowledge gives one an advantage of talking the truth.
   In that 1958 an important death took place, Mr John Takinang Ndze died from poison in Bamenda. This was the political leader of the wimbum people who had represented us in the Eastern House of Assembly in Enugu and in Buea. The Tang people felt that he was their son and they must replace him with another. The lot felt on Hon.S.N.Tamfu who had graduated from Bali College and was serving in Nkambe.
  At the young age of 24 years old, the Hon S.N. Tamfu stepped into the Moses shoes to lead us into our political life. He was elected into the Southern Cameroon House of Assembly in1959 to replace the Hon. Peter Ngi
Nsakwa  on the plat form of the K.N.C party. In 1961during the plebiscite in Southern Cameroon, the Hon.Samuel Ngeh Tamfu stood firm against reunification against la Republique  du Cameroon. He opted to remain with Nigeria. He won the election in Nkambe. Therefore in the West Cameroon  House of Assembly, he sat on the opposition bench.
   When political parties were merged in 1966,the KNDP and CPNC formed a government in the West Cameroon House. At that time, the Hon.S.N.Tamfu became a member of Government and a Minister. He was the Secretary of for Public Works which enabled Nkambe Town to have its first Tarr in 1968 by him.
            In 1972, frustration stepped in to Pa’s political career. Ahmadou Ahidjo organised the so called referendum and organised one state structure in Yaoundé .The west Cameroon House of assembly was dissolved and the west Cameroon government was also desolved. The Hon.S.N. Tamfu left Buea and came to Nkambe without a future.
  In 1988, the one party system organized plural elections of Green and Khaki. Pa. Tamfu resurfaced and was elected into parliament. This time, Pa Tamfu was bent to support the regime in place.
   In 1990 the S.D.F forced the government to accept multi-partism. It was a period to make a hard decision on where to belong.
This same mayor who had been serving as a private Secretary to the Hon.Tamfu had to ask him to make a wise choice.
 In a meeting with Hon.Tamfu in Yaoundé in June 1990, this Mayor in the presence of Dr Ngahnkfumbe S.N. and Alvitus Tacha all G.C.E marker . The hon.Tamfu told me that he had suffered in the opposition for so long. That this time if multi-partism is authorized, he will remain on the government party to also eat from the National Cake. This was a former departure between Pa and his Private Secretary told Pa that he has always won election in Nkambe when he is in the opposition. That the government of Cameroon has done nothing to the Nkambe people so they will never vote for the government party until something is done.
    Pa Tamfu has been the most powerful politician from Donga Mantung. He hates anyone who opposes him or does not follow his instructions. This has manifested itself in various forms. Every D.O who did not follow his dictates was sent away. Civil servants especially teachers who showed any signs of opposition to him were sent away from Nkambe.
         The Mayor was first transferred to kouseri in 1992 and in 1993 transferred to Lycie de Mora. He personally wrote and dictated that my reclassification in my civil service career should never been effected. In 1994 i was sanctioned for leading the civil servant strike and I went for (01) One year (4) Four Months without a salary. Till today my reclassification has never been done and all begging has been in vain.
   But in all, Pa has always championed the politics of this Division. He came up with the issue of Far Northwest Province with the capital in Nkambe. On questioning him on the benefits of that to the Nkambe people, Pa said when government creates such a capital, development comes in form of roads to link that capital, electricity, water and many other things. This explanation caused us to join Pa in the fight for the Far North West Province.
    Pa was very close to the head of state. He was at the centre of CPDM politics and yet did not get for us the Regional status which he fought with all his life. Now Pa is no more. Who will now step into Moses shoe?
  I want to end here by saying that when a leader is refused the amenities he wants for his people, the people will surely reject such a group. Anyone who wants to step into this shoe must bring our Far Northwest Region or else we cannot allow you to talk to us.
    Pa you have followed your brothers with whom you started this struggle to bring us into light. We will soon follow you since that is the road God has made for us all. The truth is that we are leaving our people unsatisfied.

                 Till we come to meet you=(ADIEU)

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