Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thieves Attack GBHS Nkambe

The three Criminals posed on pic with Stolen computers donated by GBHS Ex Students in the USA
Three gangsters recently bugled  the Computer Lab of GBHS Nkambe where they almost vamoosed with twenty computers. According to information gathered, the three gangsters were arrested, detained and latter granted bail. Armand Thierry, age 26years considered as the gang leader was accompanied by two students of the French section of GBHS Nkambe. The most pathetic thing is that Armand Thierry is a worker with the Divisional Delegation of Forestry and he was the person who was earmarked to transport the computers to Yaounde where the will be sold. Police sources also hinted that the thieves revealed that they already had a potential buyer in Yaounde.  It is worth mentioning that the two students involved in the robbery has as parents, the Chief of Costume Post Nkambe and the Divisional Delegate of Forestry and Wildlife for Donga Mantung Division.
 At Press time, we gathered that the 20 Computer were returned back to the GBHS Computer Lab. The Principal however regretted that the Computer Network system was destroyed. The computers according to information gathered were donated by GBHS Ex students in the United States of America. It is not yet clear whether the night security men of GBHS were at work when the thieves attacked the school. More so, recently  thieves entered into the disciplinary office and carried away phones seized from students.Yet, these thieves were arrested, detained and later released without any proper sanctions melted on them. Besides, GBHS Nkambe is desperately in need of more teachers. Criminality according to what we gathered is on the rise in Nkambe. 

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