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Uncertainty at Nkambe Hospital as Staff Table 21 points against the Director

The administration of Nkambe last week transferred their offices to the Nkambe district hospital where workers of the hospital launched their strike action after forwarded 21 points against the Director of the hospital Dr, Joseph Wirga Kun. Their problems among others were the poor management, no incentive to staff, and brutality of the Director. They questioned the lack of payment of salary, arias for over 2 years whereas income from mortuary, CD 4count drugs donated by a politician, Ngala Gerald worth Millions. The Staff said they sign money and receive a smaller amount over laboured and very few in number. No employment and few workers receive irregular salary below labour code. In meetings, the doctor speaks alone and allows no body to talk as some assistant doctors are shut up when they want to speak in the meeting. The Econome of the district hospital with the doctor were the accused person. It is alleged that some equipments of the hospital are at large and other exchange with broken ones. Patients like care takers are cleaners of the hospital, take away drips from the body. On Tuesday, the 2nd assistant SDO of Donga Mantung Nicholas Manshang Nkongko from 9am to about 11 pm set up a committee to prop into the issue. The committee visited all the income generating sectors of the hospital, the mortuary, drugs donated by Mr Ngala Gerald for HIV/AIDS treatment centre and CD 4count machine. To the pass two years, the staff of the hospital have been on series of strike action but Dr Wirba Joseph argued that it was the 1st time. Reacting to the stalemate, the Director of the district hospital Dr. Joseph said that the main problem is the problem shortage of staff which led to double work. He however he admitted that the staff strikes action was legitimate. “I took over this hospital with close to 40 staff, but today there are less than 20”. Dr. Wirba stated. Here many argued that it was the poor management that leads to the poor staffing situation due to resignation and other actions. He equally argued that he run the hospital on Government policy called cost recovery despite all, all the services are available, Machines regularly  repaired and functional. The Dr. continued that the revenue colle3ction of the hospital raise from about 9.1 million in 2008 to about 13 million in 2011. Some at the hospital recount that 13 million is very insignificant compared to the services rendered at the hospital today to that of 2008. Clearly saying that most of the machines are privately owned by the Director and all the money into his pocket but he told the press that most of the equipment is borrowed, where, when, how, and under which conditions are the equipments borrowed and used in the government hospital, the Dr. did not tell the press. Besides the lack of Water, electricity, technicians, There are many positive changes, the potentials of this hospital is still far under estimated, and used whiled CD 4 counts here is 3000 FRS in other places is 8000 FRS Dr Wirba stated. Yet, it is alleged that at the Nkambe hospital, medical certificate that cost 900 FCFA is now issued at 7500 FCFA. That staff on the spot according to allegations collects 500 FCFA while 7000 FCFA is handed to the Director, yet staff has been going for months without salary. Sources say the Nkambe hospital has been transformed into an extraordinary affair whereby resources are pocketed.
21 points Against Director
Note should be taken that with effects from Monday 23rd of April 2012, we the staff will stop working unless a detail, written and satisfactory response is given to the following points below.
1.      On how to share quote part, revenue set aside, and drugs bonuses as well defined criteria for each staff should be spelt out by the director in line with the text.
2.      Why is quote part taking too long to be distributed?
3.      Why is it sometimes changed by the director when calculated?
4.      Quote part revenue set aside and drug bonuses should not enter the black box of performance base financing (PBF) with or without a signed contract with PBF
5.      Why are some workers employed and not paid for long?
6.      Why are they collecting less than what they sign for?
7.      Is it really impossible for the management of the hospital to recruit? Because the work load is too much for the few that are there.
8.      If it is possible then the recruited staff must be paid regularly according to the labor code.
9.      Daily working materials are grossly being absent, and a deaf ear is given to requisition. What is happening to the running credits of the state?
10.  work load is more on staff especially when the second doctor is not on seat because the director takes more time in his office for technical services (Electrocardiogram, Ultra Sound and Administration) and many emergency cases are either abandoned at our services or go elsewhere. Sadly enough, the second doctor is hushed down in general staff meetings when he raises functional problem. Why?
11.  The staff expects more empowerment and financial motivation to Unit Heads.
12.  Communication credits and means of transportation for hospital transactions should be allocated.
13.  Staff meetings are not held monthly, they are too long, the director speaks almost alone and most often no entertainment even though they are budgeted for.
14.        Consultation books, Hygiene fees, Mortuary fees, CD 4count fees, TB fees, Bed fees, Files, money collected from HIV tests and Government credits: Ultra sound and ECG. How is money generated from these sources managed when the hospital is still poorly equipped, lack of staff with poor motivation, poor Hygiene and sanitation and part of the money is not accounted for by the Econome?
15.  Cost recovery and k-value is also a source of income in the hospital. Why are some k-values transferred to cost recovery whereas most incentives come from k-values?
16.  Why is there an increase in some cost recoveries?
17.  Knowing the ECG and the ultra sound machines are owned privately, what are their percentages allocated to the hospital?
18.  How the treatment centre account is managed (the credit union Account)?

19.  Knowing that not all the drugs donated by Mr Gerard Ngala were expired, can we have inventory of the unexpired drugs and how they are managed?
20.  can a commission be set up to take an inventory of the unexpired drugs so the the public can benefit from them?
21.  We welcome PBF whole heartedly couple to the fact that our problems will be solved.
To conclude, we wish that the above mentioned problems be redressed with satisfactory answers, in order to better the working conditions of the staff and quality services rendered to the population;

Yours sincerely

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