Friday, May 11, 2012

Leadership Crisis in Azire Cooperative Credit Union LTD, Two Board Members Suspended

Anye Judith: President of AZICCUL
Fortibuh Hilary and Madame Atamson Ngu Veronica have been suspended as members of the Board of Directors of the Azire Cooperative Credit Union LTD-AZICCUL, one of the biggest credit unions in Cameroon with a membership of over 29.000. According to the hint, the Azire Cooperative Credit Union where Anye Judith is President is wallowing in the gutter and suffering from self-skirmishes. Confidential sources hinted that the decision to suspend two members of the board of directors has taken observers as well as members aback. With only 4 out of 7 elected  board members now left to take decisions, skeptics are of the opinion that the one time most vibrant credit union may be heading for a crash. It is aired that Fortiboh Hilary one of the board members recently suspended was been victimized for criticizing the stand by AZICULL on the CamCCUL crisis. The conflict of interest according to what we gathered emerged when Fortiboh Hilary the criticized hierarchy for taking credit union internal problems to the market place. Accordingly, based on the fact that he opted that instead of exposing their problems it should be solved within, he was looked upon as a black leg. When contacted, Fortiboh Hilary however lamented that by taking in-house problems to former Northwest Governor and later to the Ministries in Yaounde, the Ministers sent an inspection team to the Credit Unions and they looked into the records of the credit union to identify that in some instances, Credit Unions were carrying some activities like commercial bank and the impact he added will lead to an increase in taxes and a reduction on interest in members' savings. "That is why i wanted the problem solved within the movement" he emphasized. " She did not see this, but Anye Judith erroneously took me for a supporter of Musa Shey Nfor". When quizzed whether these allegations were enough for the suspension, Fortiboh Hilary said ever since he denounced electoral fraude and giving that the mandate of the President ends next year, and he (Fortiboh Hilary) could be a threat to her re-election bid, Anye Judith had to look for ways and means to pin him down so as to frustrate his attempt to contest for the position of President. Besides, Fortiboh Hilary also revealed that he and Madame Atamson Ngu took a loan known as Express Loan which was to be paid in six months. And considering the loan agreement they still had few months to start payment, yet the Board said they were delinquent members and should be suspended. He lamented that the President ganged up with the Supervisory Committee to suspend them on grounds that they were supposed to be paying on monthly bases." This is not the first time i have taken such a loan"  He said the fear is that he had stood firm against electoral fraud and with only four out of seven left in the Board, fears are that it would be difficult for a binding decision to take place. Yet, Fortiboh also revealed that Madame Anye Judith has the intention of taking over as BOD Chairperson of CamCCUL and the only obstacle to that ambition is him. He observed that the too many wranglings have made members to start withdrawing money which to him is very pathetic. However, it should be noted that only an extraordinary General Assembly will have to examine the case of Fortiboh and Madame Atamson to confirm their dismissal from the board or reject the decision suspending them. It should also be noted that one Board Member is also reported to have traveled abroad leaving behind a vacuum. 

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Credit Unions in Cameroon have completely tilted away from their original vision.