Sunday, June 3, 2012

After Open letters to President Biya, Marafa Brainwashes Colleagues

 According to some French newspapers, former MINATD boss Marafa Hamidou Yaya who for the past weeks has been on the news for series of unguided missiles (open letters) on the Biya regime has called on his colleagues appointed to SED, Kondengui and New Bell prisons within the framework of Operation Sparrow Hawk to take a decision-conscience. It is alleged that in a confidential memo to all former ministers, directors general and Board of Directors of State Corporations in custody, Marafa is said to have asked them to be aware of their situation in life as prisoners. Accordingly, it is alleged Marafa memo indicated that some of them who are hoping he (Biya) will leave power for them to regain freedom are daydreaming. To Marafa only death can dislodge him. Like what happened with Atangana Mebara and a few others, the more they remain in prison hoping for their freedom the next day; more charges will be fabricated against them for the sole purpose of keeping them in jail.
All dictators in power want to die not to answer for their crimes to justice and only an uprising of former senior officials in detention could undermine Paul Biya who would not bear the pressure of the international community and the support of the opposition.
It alleged these correspondences circulate behind the scenes and has ignited all the high profile personalities in Prison that to join former MINATD in his showdown with the regime.
Public opinion however holds that with the shallowness of politicians, one must be an idiot to believe that the correspondence is the handiwork of Marafa. Yet, observers are of the opinion that the memo could have been written as retaliation to the response by Jacque Fame Ndongo on Marafa correspondences (open letters) to President Biya. In spite of this, another school of thought holds that it could be another camouflage to further implicate and complicate Marafa’s situation and tag him of organizing an uprising. On the other hand, analysts who had warned against the Marafa letters say there is no smoke without fire and a call to solidarity in action for their release should not also be taken lightly by the Biya regime because Marafa knows that with the billions and networks they enjoy, they can come to destabilize the regime, even while behind bars. Given this new situation, the regime would do better by all means create discord between the gangsters that are not easily compromised.

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