Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Donga Mantung, Bui May Witness Split if New Administrative Units are Created

In recent years, there had been an outcry for the creation of new administrative units. Sources say if not of the fact that Municipal and Legislative elections have been postponed; new administrative units would have been created. According to the hint, Kumbo would likely be transformed into a City Council with the creation of the Mve, Kimbo and Tatum council areas. Besides, Bui would be split into two. A new Division comprising of Bum, Misaje, Noni and Oku would be created code named “Kimbi Division”. In Donga Mantung Diviwsion, Taku maybe transformed into a sub Division and the villages of Wat, Mbot, Nwangri, Mbaah and Kup carved out to be part of the Taku sub Division, a decision which is raising a lot of anger among the Mbum people. More so, it is also alleged that Nwa will be transformed into a full flesh Division while another sub division would be created in Binka which will absorb part of Mbot.
Sources say the move has already been fine-tuned waiting for the Presidential Decree to concretize it. Yet, observers are of the opinion that the creation of the Far North West Region with the same administrative units will be more cherished by the population than the mushroom administrative units. However, no justifications for such plans have been made yet some politicians say it is the handiwork of PM Yang Philemon. Yet, Oku according to the last census results is the largest council area in the Northwest Region and it would be unjust to move part of Donga Mantung Division, which many see as a plan to destroy the long dream of Hon. Tamfu for the creation of the Savannah Region. According information gathered, the creation of the Kimbi Division compassing of Misaje, Noni and Bum would have boosted the creation of the Far North Region and not as what has been proposed by Bui Elite politicians to absorb Misaje and Bum into no-man’s land.

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