Thursday, June 21, 2012

Lele Lafrique Urges Donga Mantung to Support Biya’s Fight Against State Gangsters

North West Governor Lele Lafrique Tchoffo Deben Adolph has called on the population of Donga Mantung Division to support President Biya in his fight against embezzlers of state funds.
Lele Lafrique flanked by Donga Mantung SDO Nzeki Theophile at River Donga

In his key note address on June 20, 2012, Governor Lele Lafrique told the population that everybody is equal before the law and no one should think that he or she can manipulate public sympathy after being napped in the dragnet of the fight against corruption. “We cannot say we love our fatherland by embezzling state funds and disrespecting state institutions” he told the crowd. “Either we move on to have hope or shy to remain poor” he reiterated his message. Without mentioning any names, there was no doubt that the message had as target the recent revelations of Maraleaks (Marafa open letters). He reminded the people of Donga Mantung Division that embezzlers had consumed huge sums of money and it had retarded development reasons why President Biya launched a fearless war against the white-collar thieves. “Those who thought we the untouchable” he said were napped for embezzling state funds. In his clarion call, he urged the population to support President and shun away from those who want to mislead public opinion on the issue. “Let’s protect our country” he added. 
To corroborate his speech, the population was also entreated to a presentation on corruption. 
It should be noted that on June 19 and 20th, Governor Lele Lafrique visited the border villages of Sabongari in Nwa and Abuenshie in Ako where his key message centered on the fight against corruption and peace. With the fear that Boko Haram may infiltrate into Cameroon through the border villages, North West Governor defied the bad roads and moved to Sabongari and Abuenshie in Nwa and Ako sub Divisions respectively. Governor Lele Lafrique said he was impressed with the calm and the peace that reins between Cameroonians and Nigerians. He also assured the population of the border villages that the government of Cameroon is aware of their problems and will soon provide long lasting solutions to them. At Abueshie he River Donga which separates Cameroon with Nigeria. He also visited the Ako border market and some security services in the area as well as the costume post that is completely abandoned. 
While in Nkambe he reechoed that the population should collaborate with the forces of law and order to ensure their well-being. He warned against tribalism, intertribal conflicts and others because they hinder meaningful development. He urged traditional rulers and elite to act as guarantors of peace and not to promote unnecessary conflicts that could jeopardize development efforts. “Peace has no price, we need to renounce all criminals because the forces of law and orders need your support to succeed” he told the people of Donga Mantung. He also called on the population to join President Biya in his 3rd generation agricultural development policy to boost meaningful development. He said with the collaboration of the population, Donga Mantung Division will be transformed giving that the Division is blessed with top and soft soil resources (a lot of underground minerals).
It should be noted that the old Nkambe Division, now called Donga Mantung Division shares over 150 km long boundary with Nigeria beginning from Yang in Nwa down to Manjarandi in Misaje. As the Mayor of Nkambe puts it “the border is porous and needs the creation of more administrative units to easily protect it”. Created by the old colonial British in 1940, its headquarters was located in Ndu up to 1944 before it was moved to Binka. In 1948, the headquarters was transferred to Nkambe till date. After re-unification in 1961, the Nkambe Division started witnessing some restructuring. In 1963, the sub division was created with a resident Divisional Officer and a council attached to it. This was followed in 1967 with the creation of Mbembe/Misaje with headquarters in Akweto. In 1992, the restructuring created the Sub Divisions of Ndu, Nkambe, Ako and Misaje.   
Nwa, the oldest sub Division in Cameroon could be transformed into a full flesh division with three or four sub divisions. So the five sub divisions of Donga Mantung Division could easily be transformed into full flesh divisions and transformed into a region with headquarters in Nkambe. It is for these reasons that late Hon. SN Tamfu nursed the idea and the vision of the Far North West Region that was supported even the separatists Southern Cameroons activists yet, the government of Cameroon has been reluctant over it. Tension is graduality mounting as it is alleged Misaje Sub Division will be carved out of the Donga Mantung Division to add to Oku, Bum and Noni to create a separate Division.

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