Saturday, June 9, 2012

Marafa Announces 5th Letter

Marafa Hamidou Yaya has become the Nightmare of guilty politicians by unveiling the untold in what is now famously known as "MaraLeaks" open letters. According to information reaching us, MARALEAKS (5th Open letter) addresses the acquisition of a satellite for CRTV and how Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo enriched self in the deal. Sources hinted that MARALEAKS has cling the wing of Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo to the point that the CPDM Secretary for Communication no more fly on tree tops to address burning issues. More so, MARALEAKS according to what we gather will give detail information on the contract signed by société Newtech in 2001 when Cameroon was hosting France-Afrique in Yaounde and the obnoxious role played by Jacques Fame Ndongo by then Minister of Communication. The project consumed between 3,5 to 8 billion FCFA. Sources say Fame Ndongo had received a query from Supreme State Control for the poor handling of the project and instead of replying to the query, Prof. Fame Ndongo instead wrote to President Biya assuring him of his unflinching support.
Besides, MARALEAKS will talk on the management of petroleum money in Cameroon. In his capacity as the Board Chairman of SNH, it is aired that the 5th letter (MARALEAKS 5) will tell Cameroonians how money generated from the sales of petroleum products in use. (Wait and See)

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Ngwa Eric said...

Yah to all the thugs in this nation from Head to list non of you will go free. Wether you call your self who?
there is a name we shall name you for all your wicketness.
SONARA is in Southern Cameroon when on earth will a southerner direct that company.
Oh I see because you are playing ways to steal that's why you don't any anglophone to head it.
Has any anglophone head any cooperation in francophone zone.
Why you people don't want to let us alone?
For once we don't own you anything just leave us

Ngwa Eric said...

why we most comment why are they fear if they have good mind