Monday, June 11, 2012

MARALEAKS (Marafa) Documents Reveal what Issa Tchiroma Pocketed in the Boeing 737 Crash in 1995

 When Issa Tchiroma Bakary was appointed Minister of Transport by the Head of State, Paul Biya, on November 27,1992, he (Tchiroma) decided to withdraw the aircraft maintenance contract of the national airline, Cameroon Airlines (Camair) from Air France to the benefit of the South African company, South African Airways (SAA). At the time, the Cameroonian public exults address this seeming return to Africa.In fact, the transaction has little patriotic motivation.We'll know more later with some problematic content of the contract.  "The so-called Maintenance Contract with the South African company was poorly done," then repeat inaudible, reasons why wondered why CAMAIR technicians wondered why government could not choose to invest locally. 
There are minor incidents that one is silent. But the climax turns out to be the tragic crash of B. 737 called "The Nyong" which  resulted in the death of 71 passengers in December 1995.At the time, the investigation quickly concluded a "pilot error" a former pilot of the Air Force, Commander Yunusa, who was hastily recruited to Camair due to his proximity to the Minister of Transport, Mr Issa Tchiroma.  

Maintenance Scandal
 A Lebanese law firm, Advanced Trust, owned by a certain Prof. Fouad Srouji, will provide, later, to the Cameroon government documents showing evidence of Cameroonian officials who were corrupted by the South Africans for the transfer of maintenance aircraft  contract to the South African company. Some would have even acquired real estate in the land of Nelson Mandela. Issa Tchiroma by then was the chairman of the commission to privatize airports in the country which many people continue to suspect faulty bargains and procedures if it had reached apex level. Enters Advanced TrustThe State of Cameroon through his advice that the legal affairs adviser Jean Fouman Akame, and the lawyer, Georges Engono Essame, and get successful and damages (billions of CFA francs) to the South African courts in a lawsuit it brought on behalf of the State. A memorandum of understanding with the French-Lebanese firm had used to purchase evidence of mafia deal.In addition to the Minister of Transport, Issa Tchiroma, the deal also involved the former commercial director of Camair, Louis-Paul Motaze, and former Chairman of the Board, Mr. Joseph Belibi. The trio carries technically responsible for the tragedy of B. 737 "The Nyong."Under the guidance of Special legal adviser to the head of state, John Foumane Akame, the Mfoundi Court had shown interest to take charge of the precarious situation  . The State Counsel Mvondo Evezo writing to the Head of State had  expressed  the  desire to set a public action against the three corrupt. Especially as Cameroon Airlines just lost  Boeing 747 "Mount Cameroon" in the Parisian sky which was just back from South Africa after checkups.  
Yet, nothing took place after because President Biya who was contacted had not reacted. The unit was returning from a technical visit to South Africa. Nothing has happened since.The only reaction was the reappointment of Issa Tchiroma in 2009 as Minister of Communication as well as the continues appointments of his "nephew" Motaze in various posts of responsibilities.

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