Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Massive Fraud Mars SDF District Elections, Fru Ndi’s Hands Tied

As Municipals and Legislative elections may likely take place next year, the struggles as to who will head the SDF electoral districts have been fine-tuned. And with the Social Democratic Front-SDF National Convention billed for October this year in Bamenda, the electoral districts are being organized. The intrigues have been many and many irregularities have been registered. Those who are aspiring to be mayors and MPs were spotted sponsoring candidates to protect their interest. Those who thought they could test their popularity also tried to maneuver to check their capabilities.  In some places, elections have been postponed more than twice, but the case of Bamenda II has been outstanding. The drama that took place in Bamenda II has left observers wondering whether the SDF could continue to preach lessons of transparency in elections. What transpired in Bamenda II was that Garba Oumarou, former district chairman was challenged by many, yet the rigging machinery could not succeed. It is alleged money had to change hands in public for massive rigging to take place. Some SDF militants are said to have voted more than four times, but at the end of the exercise, the results could not be proclaimed. It is aired that the ballot boxes were transported to Ntarinkon, where a crowd of angry militants stormed Fru Ndi’s residence. Seeming, Fru Ndi’s hand too were tied. Sources however hinted that the results will be proclaimed by the National Executive Committee. Information reaching us indicates that Mbengwi, Bafut, Tubah, Nkambe, Fonfuka and Bamenda I the intrigues and fraud were the same, yet, Fru Ndi has been mute over the irregularities.

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