Friday, June 15, 2012

Monono Humphrey, Iya Mohamed, Bruno Ebe Called up for Questioning

Monono Humphrey
Monono Humphrey, the Registrar of the GCE Board, Iya Mohamed, the Director of SODECOTTON and Bruno Ebe, Rector of the Douala University have been called up for questioning by the Budget and Disciplinary Committee of the Supreme State Control. The three personalities are called up to response to management irregularities recorded by control teams on the funds allocated to their care from state coffers.
Monono Humphrey on his part who has been complaining that government has not been giving enough funds to the GCE Board. Yet, it is alleged Humphrey Monono’s management has transformed the GCE Board into an extraordinary affair. Quizzing him on poor management is however no news to the public giving the numerous complains by teachers every time they move out of their stations for marking. Sources say Humphrey Monono will certainly receive heavy sanctions because the entire GCE Board has already been tagged another edorado of corrupt practices too. Some observers have even opined that the GCE Board could be transformed into a prison yard giving the level of malpractices that the Supreme State Control team diagnosed recently. The fact that the communiqué was read over the state radio is indicative that these personalities may end up in prison giving that the questioning is just a control mechanism and judiciary actions could follow. However, it has been rare for someone to appear before the Committee and leave without being fined to payback. This is because before one is called for questioning, there is already a huge file that demonstrates all the mismanagement errors. The penalties or amount could be redressed and not whip off completely sources linked to Supreme State Control hinted. (Wait and See)

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