Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Police Disrupt Graduation Ceremony at Bamenda University

The  graduation ceremony of the International University of Bamenda, IUB almost ended in chaos when police stormed the premise of the Mankon Catholic Cathedral Hall where on June 13, 2012. But the promoter of the Bamenda International University Prof. Patrick Fusi said " I applied for an authorization to hold this graduation ceremony and was duly given an authorization by the Divisional Officer for Bamenda II. So what is the problem? What type of government do we have in this country, Cameroon?". The Eye was hinted that police stormed the ceremonial ground because the application did not indicated the presence of first class fons like the fon of Nso and more importantly the presence of some fons of the South Region. We also gathered the Divisional Officer for Bamenda II sneaked into the hall and sat at the back bench monitoring and communicating police officials. It should be noted that the presence of the police scared off fons of the South as well as the Fon of Nso who also disappeared from the hall as the ceremony came to a halt for over 30 minutes. However, at the end, over 30 graduates went home with their degrees ranging from Bachelor, Masters and PH.Ds.  Some of the graduates came as far as IUB Buchi in Nigeria State Campus while a host of others bagged honorary degrees ranging from Doctors and Professors.

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there was recent development concerning IUB on the sunday morning program Cameroon calling say that the minister of higher education has banned IUB.what is the real news about that.