Sunday, June 24, 2012

Scandal!! Foreign Public Media Get Funds Allocated to Private Media in Cameroon

 The Ministry of Communication headed by Issa Tchiroma has always ignited surprises. In fact those who took the pains to read the communique from that Ministry on Government financial aid to the private media were taken aback. It is scandalous that on the list of beneficiaries were the names of some foreign public media houses. Cameroonians have been wondering how the British Broadcasting Corporation-BBC and France Television which are public media houses could benefit from government support to the private media houses in Cameroon. The controversial list published by Issa Tchiroma also mentioned the Japan Broadcasting Corporation and the Brazilian Film Production firm as beneficiaries. "Whereas there are media organs in Cameroon that have not been given the meager support",  many have been questioning. The rationality and justification of this act continue to create sensation as well as anger many young media houses in Cameroon. Public opinion however holds that MINCOM has taken up a challenge of public image cleansing by using taxpayers money unjustly. Many continue to look at the support to foreign media houses as another form of mismanagement with the complicity of the International Community. 

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