Thursday, June 7, 2012

Here Comes the Untold on President Biya's Salary and Benefits

In its issue this week, the Pan-African weekly, Jeune Afrique, has revealed classified information about the salaries of some African Head of States, President Biya included.  
In the past  how much the head of state earns as salary per month as well as other advantages he enjoys are not only a secret but a state secret.
 The mystery has been that it has been very difficult for anyone to know the salary or benefits that even ministers and not to talk of head of states usually enjoy. In the case of Cameroon where we are interested and specifically of President Paul Biya and his minister had been top secret. Yet, 50 years after independent, that myth has been broken and the salary and other benefits President Biya enjoys have been brought to market place of information.
Jeune Afrique tells us that the monthly salary of the President of the Republic of Cameroon, Paul Biya is (200 euros) or 131 000 CFA francs. However, "the amount shown does not include fixed premiums, and fees of sovereignty", the weekly notes. Thus, "in addition to allowances of over 790,000 CFA francs (1,200 euros) per month (housing, transportation) yet it is alleged that Paul Biya allowances for sovereignty gets up to 30 million CFA francs (45,700 euros) per month.
More so, there is also the possibility of buying a vehicle according to the price and an additional 10% commission on other government procurement.
Speaking of public contracts, the budget of the Presidency of the Republic on the 2012 fiscal is 40 billion CFA francs. This budget registered
an increase of about one billion CFA francs as compared to 2011. In this budget, the share devoted to investment (through procurement) totaled 6.5 billion CFA francs. According to Jeune Afrique, the head of state of Cameroon might at the end of fiscal year 2012 ends up with 650 million CFA francs. Thus, a simple calculation, we can see that at the end of the year, with 30,921 000Fcfa per month (including salaries and benefits), plus 650 million CFA francs related to the 10% commission on public procurement in the budget investment, Paul Biya could end up with just over 781.052.000Fcfa.
Cameroonian ministers are no less spared. Also according to Jeune Afrique, "the ministers of six countries in the Central Africa sub-region earn an average of 25.37 million CFA francs (38,734 euros) per year for an average per capita GNP of 1545800Fcfa (2360 euros) per year"
. With respect to company cars, the newspaper notes that "in Cameroon, the company car, worth up to 80 million CFA francs, perhaps acquired by the Minister after three years to five million CFA francs. The latter have also as President of the Republic, underscores the Pan African weekly, 10% of awarded contracts by the Department. "It is perfectly legal," the paper notes. But it should be noted that the income declared by the Head of State and Ministers do not integrate their "informal benefits," which is considered phenomenal.

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