Saturday, July 21, 2012

Hon. Esther Ngala Empowers Women to Combat Water Crisis, Climate Change and Global Warming


The SDF Member of Parliament for Ndu, Hon. Esther Ngala has demonstrated that a woman in leadership position is worthwhile. After distributing tons of improved maize seeds to women last March 2012, Hon. Esther Ngala has again introduced another innovative action. In order to curb water crisis in Ndu Sub Division as well as mitigate the phenomenon of Climate change, the SDF lone female Parliamentarian has donated improved seedlings to women to integrate in their family exploitations. While handing over the grafted fruit trees to beneficiaries, she told the population that planting a tree nowadays is the best gift a woman can offer to the unborn children and humanity. She said “operation one woman, one tree” is a programme will help to redress the water crisis in Ndu, mitigate climate change, combat global warming as well as improve on their nutritional standard. The tree to be planted by each family she said is “a family tree” that could easily raise enough income for a household and she hopes that these grafted fruit trees will gradually serve as a replacement for eucalyptus trees that have invaded water catcments in the municipality thus rendering water a scarce commodity.
She also added that in the Cameroon Parliament, there are 32 women Parliamentarians and through the network they created, they (the women MPs) have decided to embark on promoting sustainable agricultural activities in order to effectively combat poverty and hunger. It should be noted that of late, she also distributed fertilizer to women groups, set up a microfinance scheme for women will in the nearest future donate to each household in the municipality improved cocking fireside to reduce the tedious work women usually undergo to prepare food for their families. Before handing over the seedlings to the beneficiary, she also called on the public to register massively in the electoral register giving that this time it shall be done through biometric. “The change we need can only come when you all turn out to register and vote massively so that you could vote more women into the council and other positions of leadership” she concluded.
On her part, the representative of the Divisional Officer for Ndu expressed gratitude to the Member of Parliament for always looking back at the women. She said Ndu is blessed to have a Member of Parliament who is a woman and also knows the problem of women in rural areas. She said Hon. Esther Ngala is the only MP that has kept to all her political promises because many who have past before her disappeared after being voted into office and would only resurface to lobby for votes. On the contrary, Hon. Esther Ngala has proven that she cares even for the unborn because the trees that are being distributed will serve both the present and next generations. She told the beneficiaries that a tree planted doesn’t only produces oxygen it also absorbs carbon thus leading to a clean and more comfortable environment for all. “Support Hon. Esther Ngala because she has the good spirit to work and improve on your standard of living” she concluded.
On the other hand, the Sub Divisional Delegate for Agriculture, Jato Johnson stressed out the importance of a tree and its short and long term benefits. Jato Johnson also observed that it is not long that these groups of women received tons of maize seeds from the Member of Parliament and from all indication Ndu will register an increase in production of more than 50%. According to the sub delegate of agriculture, 90% of the women in Ndu sub division live on agriculture and encouragingly enough, the MP has taken up the task of empowering the women to transform it into an agric business notwithstanding the fact that men pass time drinking local drinks. As such, he called on the women to support Hon. Esther Ngala who has proven that she is capable of bringing more innovative agricultural benefits “ because her innovations will make you sustainable” he concluded.

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