Thursday, July 26, 2012

L’ Epervier Not Serving Genuine Cameroon

Fellow Cameroonians especially patriots and our friends, get set! No one is spared as long as this one-man-show reigns in Cameroon. L’Epervier (‘Sparrow Hawk’) and other setups said to be fighting corruption done not constitutionally but by one man – President Biya appointment is serving ulterior purposes not the people of this country.
Biya’s appointed ministers, directors etc especially those who eye his presidential throne are picked up, incarcerated by L’Epervier.
 Biya will likely make up charges and use this very structure for knocking any one who points out the ills of his regime. He will knock out the veritable opposition – with the slightest fault. However Paul Biya’s crimes are sky-high: The killings and maiming of Cameroonians at the launch of the SDF party in Bamenda over 22 years ago. The carnage and hardship – orchestrated death and poverty caused by lack of access roads, portable water, and good health facilities etc yet we are rich in natural and human resources, the enslaving education given Cameroonians who upon graduation become beggars unable to employ themselves. These are heavy criminal offences that warrant lifetime jail sentences for the state’s leadership – yet Biya over three decades, continues, with impunity, lording it over Cameroonians. History is yet to portray any civilization that emerged from poverty using intrigues as Biya does. The president and his cohorts go for health care in the Diaspora. It’s only the down trodden that have no choice than visit Cameroon health services. Yet the regime has come up once more with another hollow slogan of emancipation by 2035? – No way!
This country will never develop when laws for electing people’s representatives are CPDM-inclined tailored. The make-believe obtained in Cameroon does not solve hunger and related issues. The modus operandi of the incumbent regime fuels eventual rebellion and destruction in this otherwise incident free land.
 L’Epervier put in place by Biya, not parliament or laws of the country (constitution), is a weapon to maintain Biya/CPDM in power, as long as possible. 
However obvious criminals are mixed with these to make the exercise look right.

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