Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Marafa's 5th Letter Out

The celebrated prisoner and former Minister of Territorial Administration, and Decentralization, Marafa Hamidou Yaya has released his 5th letter. The letter titled fifth declaration outlines some pertinent issues ahead of his trial billed for July 24, 2012. In his 5th letter, Marafa Hamidou Yaya is demanding for a fair trial so that he could express himself. He also reveals what he told the court yesterday, July 16, 2012 during his first appearance in court. 
Here below is the letter in its entirety. 
My statement to the Judge

The reasons for my refusal to receive the judge and those of his absence in court July 2, 2012 and promises to deliver all purchase of BJJ. Mr. Chairman and members of collegiality let me first offer you my sincerest apologies for not being able to stand here last Monday, July 2. I thought I had to do in the presence of my lawyers that I was not able to reach on time,... given my conditions of detention.
Compared to my alleged refusal to defer to appear before the judge, I thought his recusal request for reasons that seemed valid. The Court of Appeal rejected my request. I naturally bent to this decision. However, the judge insisted on hearing me without the presence of my lawyers that I could not see nor be reached during the first weeks after my transfer to the Secretary of State for Defence.

On the other hand, my term of detention did not indicate the specific reason of my conviction and my incarceration, and the judge refused me access to the pleadings of the trial record. Parts that I still have not received incidentally. My lawyers have repeatedly referred to this effect, but in vain. June 26, or 70 days after my arrest, the judge made his order of dismissal. Mr. Chairman and members of collegiality, I did not expect to appear before you as held, for several years, I demand a transparent and fair trial to explain myself on all those cases where the amalgam is arguing with the manipulation of public opinion.

The removal order can finally define the facts in relation to what I was criticized at the time of my arrest and I hope the truth will be made on this count also. I reiterate my availability and my commitment to assist and cooperate fully in this task. I believe in the truth which alone can finally do me justice in the case of acquisition of a Boeing BBJ-II nine of which I have known that the start of execution and where I have been guided by the desire to provide our country with an instrument of sovereignty and a working tool enabling the president to make his travel safely, in a particularly difficult environment. Thank you.

Marafa H Yaya

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