Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Political Gimmicks; After Fru Ndi, Ayah Paul Declares Support for Marafa

There is nothing more intriguing, truly, nothing more preposterous, than when one hears Camerounese (plus Cameroonians and Kamerunians) commend, condemn or dissociate. Camerounese (and nians) many there are who have divided the world into the saved (holy) and the condemned (sinners). Yet are they the very people that are quick to recite that the one thing that is constant is change. And indisputable indeed is that fact. Recall that our lord Jesus took along into paradise the thief that repented at the very point of death. And verily apparent it is that repentance is the central message of Christianity!

Saul-to-Paul was about the last apostle, if apostle he is qualified to be called. But central was he for the survival of the church upon the ascension of the Christ. He repented, as we all know, on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians. Nobody looked backwards after his repentance to bastardize Paul’s epistles – the canons of the teachings of the church to date. To put it straight, there is no propitious time for repentance. Things just happen. This then renders the question “why now?” wholly misconceived, inappropriate and nugatory.

Therefore must we think again in our spontaneous condemnation of Mr. Marafa’s turn-around! Revelations by this high-profile insider of the system – call it CPDM – is invaluable for their cogency and. the weight of the personality behind them. Even if at all they are viewed by some as self-serving, their effects on the entire community are devastating and of general benefit.

For instance, the question has been raised time without number about disregard for the law by the Camerounese authorities for three decades now. The impact has been negligible that often, public reaction much more. But several are converted patriots today who are fairly emboldened to query the illegal instructions of the President of the Republic to expend 32 billion francs on the purchase of a presidential jet behind the back of parliament. Common knowledge it is that parliament has exclusive jurisdiction to enact the finance laws of the Republic. Nor is it a lesser impact the impending implosion of CPDM from the implication of several of its barons in the misappropriation of the funds consequent on the revelations. And one need not be a prophet to predict a tsunami-explosion from the implosion behind
efficient management.

A true patriot, therefore, one would opine, should encourage more revelations from Mr. Marafa with the resultant promotion of respect for the law, and the protection of the public treasury. The contrary would smack of vengeance and/or vindictiveness. In case of indecision, call Mr. Marafa Paul for recollection!

To say the least, the legal minds of PAP, in association with others, promise here and now not to hesitate to pass on notes to Mr. Marafa’s defence team whenever the moment is ripe

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