Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Politics of Acrimony, Ayah Paul Fires at Agbor Tabi

 One of the infamous things Mr. Peter Agbor Tabi told the people of Akwaya on April 28, 2012, was that, if he has not yet been appointed prime minister yet, it is because Manyu gave Mr. Paul Biya only 60% of their votes in the 2011 presidential election. He had therefore come to tell the people to give CPDM 100% vote in the next election for him to be appointed prime minister. He urged them to forget about “demented” and “wretched” Ayah.

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Ayah has answered Mr. Peter Agbor Tabi’s vituperations in a previous right of reply. Naturally then does Ayah propose to limit himself here solely to Mr. Peter Agbor Tabi’s shameless lies – the desert of those who arrogate to themselves the position of intellectual in today’s
Cameroun, or Cameroon or even Kamerun.

Mr. Peter agbor Tabi like everyone else knows, in the first place, that neither Mr Peter Mafany Musonge nor Chief Ephraim Inoni was ever appointed prime minister because Fako Division gave CPDM 100% votes. Nor was Mr. Philemon Yang re-appointed prime minister recently because Bui did so. Everybody of course knows that, at the time Mr Achidi Achu was appointed prime minister, SDF won all the seats in the Northwest but for Balikumbat. Only someone as shame-proof as Mr. Peter Agbor Tabi would therefore tell such a colossal lie with intent to deceive, and in the promotion of nude self-interest!

Again, Mr. Peter Agbor Tabi knows very well that CPDM did not get 60% of Manyu votes. Whatever results were proclaimed were forgeries and electoral fraud perpetrated under Mr. Peter Agbor Tabi’s commandments. An honest man would do his utmost to put that behind him in humble repentance. Mr. Peter Agbor Tabi’s audacity to persist in recidivism is corroborative evidence of nervous desperation!

Mr. Peter Agbor Tabi may wish to remember that it has been proclaimed over and over that when the votes of some 62 polling stations selected at random in Manyu Division were tallied, Ayah was close to twelve thousand votes while Mr. Paul Biya was trailing him with less than seven hundred. Even the secret reports of Mr. Paul Biya’s own security agents show that Ayah won in Akwaya Subdivision by over 70%. And Akwaya Subdivision from the last national census is about half the population of Manyu Division. Only Lucifer’s library should be the source of Mr. Peter Agbor Tabi’s 60% votes for Mr. Paul Biya..

Even then, one is tempted to opine that Lucifer’s secretary general himself could depart from his innate devilish ruses in the face of the gargantuan exhibits showing that Ayah did not only win in the locality of Mr. Peter Agbir Tabi’s village, but he did win landslide in Mr. Peter Agbor Tabi’s native village of Ndekwai. And Mr. Peter Agbor Tabi’s boundless crusade in desperation itself eloquently attests to that assertion!

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Kamdem Pascal said...

The last 2011 October 9 Presidential elections were free and fair and the results reflected just the wish all Cameroonians and nothing else. The opposition spends time decrying fraud rather mounting a strategy to convince Cameroonians and have an increasing electorate.