Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rev. Kisob Bertin Canonized with Traditional Title

Rev. "Mbangfor" Kisob Bertin
The outspoken Rev. Kisob Bertin, chairman of Cameroon Party for Social Justice-CPJS has been recognized by the people of Bamali village in Ngoketunjia of the North West Region. In what has been described by many as an outstanding coronation event ever, Rev. Kisob Bertin was canonized with the title of “Mbang for” meaning the walking stick of the fon. Before the rite, the fon of Bamali village, HRH Fon Waika III described Rev. Kisob Bertin an exemplary citizen and a man of trustworthiness. He narrated how Rev. Kisob had rescued the people of Bamali in an embarrassing court case which would have landed the fon in prison. Yet being the only eyewitness, Rev. Kisob snooped all the odds and stood for the truth thus serving the fon as walking stick.
To the villagers, Rev. Kisob is the most pragmatic politician who could be relied upon for being truthful. Before leaving Bamali village for Bamenda, Rev. Kisob told this reporter that he is happy that the people had recognized him. He said when the matter started, some people wanted to buy him over but he stood for the truth. Young Kisob also added that the recognition is a booster to his political career “especially now that I am fight to be a Senator”.

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