Friday, July 20, 2012

SDF Mayor Arrested for Misappropriation

 SDF mayor for Batibo, Tenoh Lawrence is reported in police dragnet for alleged misappropriation of public funds. According to information gathered, Tenoh Lawrence's arrest is linked to management style at the helm of the Batibo Council. It should be recalled that a week ago, Tenoh was listed among mayors who have embezzled money for communal stamps in the North West Region. It is aired that Tenoh's financial crimes are not just stamps and that other charges would be unveiled in the days ahead. Sources say, more than 12 mayors of the North West Region will fall into police dragnet in the weeks to come. The case of the mayor of Mbengwi, Tah George is also pathetic as he is constantly at logger ahead with his Secretary General who has decided to open a can of worms exposing Tah George's obnoxious practices at the helm of the Mbengwi Council. Besides, it is alleged that even some secondary school principals of the Northwest have been placed under strict surveillance. More so, allegations are also rife at that a staff of the Regional delegation of transport for the North West was picked last week for corrupt practices. according to what we gathered, this man has carved a niche where he enriches himself on daily basis. As God would make it, he was trapped with coded banknotes and picked by CONAC. There is panic in North West Councils as the first victim has been trapped. 

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