Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Here are the Newly Elected Members of the Cameroon Bar Council

It took the whole day for the 52 candidates who contested in what was described by many observers as a Coconut election into the Bar Council for the results to be proclaimed by the Vice President of the General Assembly Me Nana Viviane Patyswit. Yet by 11:36pm, only 15 candidates were elected into the Bar. Following the results, the following persons were elected into the Bar Council as stipulated by the internal rules and regulations.  The President of the General Assembly before reading the final results said “there was no fraud and not to talk of any manipulation”.  Barrister Sama Francis Asangana came first with 411 votes and he was closely followed by Barrister Abongmeshi Buno Innocent who got 383 votes. Others included: Ngoula Fotso got 345 votes, Kamga Laurette 337 votes, Abdoul Bagui Kari 329 votes, Aboubakar 329, Ngnie Jackson Francis 327 votes, Njuallem Charles 324 votes, Fousse Dominique Nicole 305, Tchakunte Patie Charles 302 votes, Eta Bessong Emmanuel 297 votes, Memong Phillipe 290 votes, Nzoh Divine Mbokeh 285 votes, Billigha Joseph Claude 267 votes and Kemende Henry 274 votes.  
It should be recalled that some 1526 voters registered for the exercise and at the end of the day, only 822 casted their votes. In all, 773 valid votes were casted.
It is however clear that on this day of August 13, 2012, history had it recorded that the one time vibrant Bar Association which was wallowing in the gutter and suffocated by self-skirmishes may soon see the light of the day. Yet, indicators are rife at that the battle for the President of the Bar Council may end up in the hands of Barrister Sama Francis who is likely to enjoy home advantage to be catapulted to the helm of the Bar Council. Notwithstanding, Barrister Kamga Laurette as well as Eta-Bessong the incumbent may also spring a spectacular come-back as he retained his position in the Bar Council amidst the conflict between the out-gone President of the General Assembly and the President of the Bar. 

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