Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 Mayors Arrested, Ngoketunjia Councils Transform to Prison Yards

 With Batibo Mayor Lawrence Ndangoh Tenoh; Mbengwi- Tah George Mbah; Andek- Johnny Agogho; ex-Andek Mayor Godlove Awanakam and Anahngong Godlove- 1st deputy mayor of Njikwa already arrested and detained for their alleged role in siphoning council funds, only the Mayors of Njikwa and Widikum have not been arrested. The case of Ngoketunjia Division is very pathetic. Last week, the mayors of Ndop, Ntoh Daniel and Babessi mayor-Tikanjo Stephen were picked. Balikumbat Mayor Awasume Augustine was arrested yesterday. In fact, Ngoketunjia councils are now without mayors as the mayors of Babessi, Ndop and Balikumat have been arrested. According to confidential sources, 13 mayors have been earmarked for imminent arrest. Sources say the list may expand as deputy mayors could be implicated during court proceedings. Accordingly, our informant also hinted that after the communal stamp scandal, investigations are ongoing to uncover how mayors have been using revenues collected locally. “This is another avenue where mayors have been lining their pockets” we were made to understand.
Communal Stamp Deal
The Batibo Mayor who was the first to be picked had initially paid-in 700.000 FCFA out of 18 million FCFA, Agogho Johnny; CPDM Mayor of Andek had 34 million FCFA; then Amahndong Godwill, CPDM 1st Deputy Mayor of Njikwa with 32.8 million. The SDF Babessi Mayor, Tikanjoh Stephen with 21.8 million FCFA and SDF Mbengwi Mayor, Tah George Mbah with 20 million FCFA. Wasum Augustine of Balikumbat and Ntoh Daniel of Ndop collected stamps for 10 million FCFA, paid-in 205.000 FCFA. Godlove Awanakam, former SDF mayor of Andek with 4 million FCFA; Mbon Wilfred, former CPDM mayor of Mbiame with 6 million FCFA and Kum Simon Buh, a businessman of the Mbiame council, with 8 million FCFA

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