Thursday, September 27, 2012

After Fon Chafah, Gov’t Envoy to Visit Babessi Flood Victims

By FC Junior and Ndi Eugene

Fon Chafah Issac of Bangolang cum Secretary General of Cameroon Traditional Rulers Forum has been described as a great philanthropist after he extended a hand of fellowship to Babessi flood victims. Fon Chafah who donated school items, food and brought medics to the doorsteps of the victims was the first person to donate to the 95 families who were affected by flood.
“Fon Chafah is our messiah because if he never came here, government wouldn’t have shown any interest in us” Pa David Tashiki told this reporter yesterday. “If government is coming to our assistance, we are aware that it is thanks to what Fon Chafah did for us. He opened the eyes of government to see what happened and how we are suffering” he concluded. Sources hinted that North West Governor Lele Lafrique travels to Babessi today to see himself the damages caused. CRTV Radio announced that the Minister Delegate in the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Decentralization in charge of decentralized local councils, Jules Doret Ndongo will be in Babessi to take stock of the damages cause by the floods. He will spend two days in Ngoketunjia sources added.
The government envoy who will be in the Ngoketunjia Division for two days comes barely a week after some elites under the leadership of Fon Chafah Isaac the donated some material assistance to the flood victims in that part of the country.
However, while appreciating the move taken by government, observers are question
ing why it has taken long for the latter to react. Many are of the opinion that the government is reacting to media reports on the abandonment of the victims by some English newspapers including “Gove’t abandons Babessi victims”- Timescape Journal, “Epidermic feared as gov’t abandons flood victims”-Eden, “Discrimination: Biya ignores Babessi flood victims”-The Median and More rains feared as Ndop flood victims await resettlement”- The Standard Tribune amongst others.
As Frank Garriba said, we have to monitor the visit to get what kind of assistance would be given to the victims. And continue to shout if we think the govt hasn't done enough; that's the only language they understand.
(Below picture of Fon Chafah addressing victims as he and others donated to kith and keen affected by floods.

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