Tuesday, September 25, 2012

After marrying fourth wife, Chief intensify search for first wife

A chief in one of the villages in Manyu Division of the South west Region of Cameroon has intensified the search for the first wife after marrying the fourth wife last Saturday.
The very dreaded chiefs, first wife, Enow Barbara left him to an unknown destination after she refused polygamous marriage.
Enow Barbara according to press reports refused to continue to stay with the Chief of the Village after he decided to go in for more than one wife.
We gathered that the village considered her abandonment of the palace as sabotage and left no stone unturned to make her pay the hard way
Since she left the village, there have been threats of very high magnitude from the chief and his councilors.
It is also reported that a woman, whose name we got as Agatha Ako is reported to have been beaten to the point of near death by the village councilors after they mistook the lady for Enow Barbara who had been declared wanted by the village councilors. However, that unfortunate evening, someone had hinted the village councilors that she was around the village purportedly to see a close friend.
When the councilors stormed the suspected house that night, they fell on the wrong person and gave her the beating of her life before realizing that it was the wrong person.
The population that gathered as well as forces of law and order could not intervene due to the very spiritual nature of the village elders.
According to a village source, if anyone dared to intervene, he or she may lose his or her life in very mysterious circumstances.
A story is told how a uniform officer lost his manhood after detaining one the children of a village elder caught in petit theft.
Even with the recent marriage of the fourth wife, the village council, through the instructions of the Chief has placed a ransom on any one who gives a clue to the whereabouts of Barbara Enow.
However news from the Diaspora claims she was spotted in France, some says Abuja Nigeria and also United States. So far no one seems to know her exact location.

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