Saturday, September 8, 2012

Alert! Donga Mantung MINPAT, MINDAF Offices Burgled

By Abanda Marcel in Nkambe
An atmosphere of uncertainty and misunderstanding now reigns in Nkambe the Divisional headquarters of Donga Mantung Division in the North West Region of Cameroon as men of the underworld (thieves) have taken the town hostage as they broke into offices and business premises. Last Wednesday September 5, 2012 the offices of the Divisional delegates for Planning and Regional Development-MINPAT, and Housing and Movable were burgled. According to information gathered, at MINEPAT Office the thieves forced iron windows but only succeeded in removing window louvers and catering away the window blinds.
They also vandalized MINPAT Rest House where the removed window glasses but later abandoned them on the floor. At MINDAF Office just some few meters away, the thieves also destroyed the window glasses but could penetrate into the office. But found consolation in catering away with the window blinds as well. The most interesting thing is that these two offices are located just five meters away from the SDO’s office. The question many have been asking is whether it is not a plot because the SDO’s office is guarded by military men and how come that thieves could be stealing just a few meters away and they are not aware.
It should be noted that of late, Nkambe town has registered more than 13 aggravated thefts. Two stores were recently ransacked by thieves at the Nkambe Old Market, another at Nkambe End of Tar and they also broke into Express Union office where they could not have access to the Safe but carried away a computer monitor. Within the same period a series of theft cases were reported in Ngwayu, Mansoh and Cosmos quarters.Some months ago, thieves burgled the computer laboratory of GHBS Nkambe and they were caught. The matter even though in court is taking too long and the population is aware that money might have changed hands.
It should be noted that recently some 20 Gendarmes were transferred to the Division, but none of them has been spotted in Nkambe. It is said all of them are parading the streets in Bamenda on the bases that there no money to travel to Nkambe. There are no night patrols as some security vehicles are hardly seen in Nkambe.  The population is scared and have been wondering whether the soldiers of the 62nd Infantry Military Battalion Nkambe, are useful at all as it is even alleged that a majority of  pass time playing Draft, cards, and drinking local liquor “Shaa” and “Ntop” while some are chasing people wives and free girls all over the place. How ever some of soldiers who have been positioned to see into the security of some of the public offices in the Division are of doubtful characters our source hinted. According to what we gathered their effectiveness and presence in these places is equally questionable.However, it should be noted that the burglary at MINPAT took place when MINPAT Delegate Bangsi John was in the field taking statistics of uncompleted projects in the Division from 2007 to date. Mores so, MINPAT Donga Mantung has only two support staff. The most serious problem is that ever since the two were transferred to Nkambe, one of them had never ever been spotted.

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