Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fon Chafah Extends Hand of Fellowship to Babessi Flood Victims

 By Kimbi V
Fon Chafah handing donated items to the D.O
His Royal Highness Fon Chafah Isaac of Bangolang cum Secretary General of Cameroon Traditional Rulers Forum has visited Babessi flood victims in Ngoketunjia Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. Fon Chafah stormed Babessi village today September 20, 2012 to revamp hope in the September 9, 2012 flood victims. Fon Chafah who was head of a powerful delegation was received by the Divisional Officer, Ali Amougu, elites and villagers who turned out massively to express their joy and appreciation to the leading philanthropist. The devastating flood that occurred on September 9, 2012 in Babessi left many families homeless and properties destroyed. The flood left more than 95 households in a desperate state of nature.  The damage caused by the flood is estimated in hundreds of million of FCFA yet eleven days have gone by and the government is still mute. No official statement has so far been made by the government and public opinion is wondering whether the government of Cameroon has lost its human face.Whereas, majority of the victims lived their lifetime investments being washed away in minutes.They are now leaving in borrowed premises and have been unable to send their kids back to school.
Addressing the population of Babessi, Fon Chafah Isaac said that when he watched the devastating images over television he was shocked and touched, “it was at the result of what I watched on TV that I contacted Ngoketunjia elite and some friends  to seek their support to come to the rescue of the victims”. He continued that “Ngoketunjia elite and friends reacted positively by giving their support to carry out the philanthropic gesture”. According to Fon Chafah the assistance “is a mark of solidarity because if your brother is in difficulty, you must come to his help”. He reiterated that “even if it is only one house that was destroyed in Babessi, it is incumbent of us to come to the rescue of the people”. Fon Chafah further explained that “what we are doing here today is to compliment government effort. Government he said has not been tired of supporting Babessi Sub Division. “They have been doing a lot and who tells you that as we have started others will not follow”.
When quizzed whether he could carryout a similar gesture in other parts of the country, Fon Chafah responded that a similar incident took place in the Northern Region and he cannot be indifferent but amplified by adding that “when your house is on fire, you must quench yours first” reasons why he had to mobilize support for Babessi victims first.  Fon Chafah also narrated how when he got to Bamenda and entered a shop to acquire some items, he was accosted by a young lawyer who instantly made a significant contribution. This, he added is the spirit of concern and belonging that he would love to see all the elite of Ngoketunjia to adhere. He said Barrister Billa Doh Lawrence’s gesture was a mark of concern to the victims of the flood. He also expressed gratitude to the CBC Health board for providing free consultations to the victims, which he said reacted positively and timely to his request.
On his part, the Divisional officer for Babessi said he was very grateful by the donation. He expressed gratitude to the elite of Ngoketunjia elite as well as other friends who supported his initiative.
When contacted, the senior Divisional Officer for Ngoketunjia, Kuela Valerie said the flood was caused by the collapsed of the bridge linking Jakiri to Oku. He gave vivid statistic of the destruction caused by the flood and also recommended that to avoid imminent disasters; there is the need to resettle the population of the Abakwa quarter which was affected by the flood. He also observed that the Bamendjim Dam is just 6 kilometers away from Babessi town and when the rains are heavy, water is pushed back to the small streams especially Babessi causing a lot of destruction. However, the population of Abakwa quarter are of the opinion that the flood was caused by the construction of that patch of the ring road. They argued that in the past water use to flood over the road and presently the road has been raised high giving few channels for water to flow freely. This, they say has contributed to river Manda to flow freely as before. Yet they expressed disgust that government has not been able to come to their help. "We are in have been abandoned" Mami Juliana hammered. 
List of Items donated to the flood victim: The following items were donated to the victims: 175 bags of rice, 40 bags of salt, 300 pieces of savon, 50 packages of sugar, 30 bottles of groundnut oil, 200 exercise books, 120 pencil sharpeners, 250 writing pens, 120 rulers, 120 pencils, 40 children food flasks, 30 school bags, 40 umbrellas and 20 liters of refined oil.
List of Donors: The following personalities contributed significantly to support the initiative. They are: Prof. Paul Ghogomu, Prof. Uphie Melo Chinje, Moh Sylvester, Kedi Jean Pierre, Demanou Honore Tapamou, Dingha Ignatius Bayin, Nyoh Moses, Nyoh Mathias, Pangmashi Roland, Ngangjoh Mana Lanya, Kometa Solomon, Tamanjong Moses, Madame Pingpoh Margaret, Nchechuma Banla, Barrister Billa Doh Lawrence, Madam Ndi Cecilia, UNVDA, Hon Nji Fidelis, Hon. Banmi Emmanuel, Col. Ndundat Sule, Col. Ngwah Abdoulaye,  Mbokwoh Julius, HRH Nfor Tabetando, the Fon of Baba I

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Evangelist TAH PETER FOMONYUY said...

I think I love this report for its freshness. However, I came across some distorted facts and wondered what would have been responsible for that. 69 homes were destroyed,95 families all together were affected and 26 families relocated. I haven't seen the causes of the flood meaning that proper investigation was not done. I had time in Abakwa quarter and the people are blaming the worst floods of this year on the road that has been raised up so much, the bridge on the road has been made narrow and to them this is causing the waters of River Manda not to flow freely down to Bamendjim Dam.From what I saw, the said road construction company has pecked the river channel around the disaster zone with plans to enlarge it. There are some other things not mentioned in this report that are worthwhile. Though the flood victims rejoiced towards the Fon of Bangolan and the Ngoketunjia elite for the aid, they wondered why the government has not come to their assistance 11 days after the flood occurred. Lets get back to investigative and objective journalism.