Monday, September 17, 2012

Here is the New Fon of Balikumbat

HRH Fon Gahnyamdi of Balikumbat
The long awaited smoke, like it happens during the designation of a new Roman Catholic Pope has billowed from the mountains of Balikumbat. The fon of Balikumbat is back on the throne. This follows a week of deadlock after the ‘missing’ of the Almighty Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin III. Sunday September 16, 2012 was an extraordinary day for the Balikumbat people. As they all gathered that morning all eyes/ears were up the mountain, following the reports that kingmakers were in search of the missing fon. 
As the population gathered to pay homage to the departed lion man of Balikumbat, the announcement of the missing fon was also accompanied by the enthronement of one of the sons of the missing Fon, who recently graduated from the School of Administration and Magistracy, ENAM.
HRH Fon Gahnyamdi is the new fon of Balikumbat. Balikumbat sons and daughters had since been mobilizing towards the coronation of their new fon and a hectic cry-die for Fon Doh. Sources hinted that the cry-die will be celebrated alongside the coronation of the new fon of Balikumbat. There is elation and celebrations in Balikumbat as gunshots, masquerade display and dancing has taken over the centre stage.  Sources say over 30 million FCFA has been raise for the cry-die, which is expected to be grandiose, given the weight Fon Doh pulled as former MP, Mayor, CPDM central committee member and an apostle of President Paul Biya.Yet the Biya government and the CPDM that fon Doh rescued in the early 90s has not made any public declaration ever since Fon Doh one of the diehard of the CPDM collapsed and died.

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