Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ngoketunjia Fons Meet, Avoid to Talk of Fon Doh’s Absence

By FC Junior
Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin of Balikumat
Last Saturday September 1, 2012, Prof. Paul Goghomo and Prof. Uphie Melo Chinje grappled with the issue revamping Ngoketunjia Fons Union. Ngoketunjia Division which is made up of thirteen villages (13 villages with 14 fons) has registered many chaotic incidents recently. The most recent being the confrontation between Bambalang village and Balikumbat, the dethronement of the fon of Bamali as well as the Bafanji-Balikumbat conflict. Bamali village for example has two fons (one who was chased out of the village but is still recognized by the administration and one who recognized by villagers and lives with them in the village). Last Saturday’s meeting brought the fons of Ngoketunjia Division face to face to what commentators described as uneventful. The avenue of the first meeting was the Ngoketunjia SDO’s office. Sources hinted that the meeting was spin-doctored by Prof. Paul Goghomo, Director of Cabinet at the Prime Minister’s office and Prof. Uphie Melo Chinje, Director of MIPROMALO. The fear of the unknown looms large. A school of thought even suspects that this is a strategy by the by the two elite to take fons hostage and dictate their decisions. There is no iota of doubt that they were acting on instructions another school of thought holds.
Ndop, definitely was to be a melting pot but unfortunately, no heated debates were registered since everything was being dictated for the fons to swallow. An executive was put in place, not necessary to solve the problem of poverty as earlier advanced by the fons but to safeguard the general interest of its initiators, we gathered.
Fon Mutong Richard of Bamessing was elected President, Fon Kevin Shomitang II of Bambalang was also elected Secretary General, Fon Galabe of Baligashu was as well elected treasurer while Fon Chafah of Bangolang, Fon of Baba I and Babungo were elected as Advisers.
During deliberations, no fon made mentioned of Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin of Balikumbat absence. When accosted later, most of the fons responded that they could not have talked about his disappearance openly bearing in mind that the information circulating is not in conformity with tradition. Fon Chafah Isaac of Bangolang hinted that a day ago, he received a phone call from HRH Fon Doh Gah Gwanyin and they discussed lengthily. He said for the past 15 years or so, the two of them had not been in talking terms but was shocked to learn of his disappearance. In the grass-field tradition, a fon never dies, he disappears reasons why the demise of a traditional is kept secret until it is announced publicly. Meanwhile, Fon Doh three days ago hinted some two journalists about the fons meeting which he said that because of the crisis nature of that meeting he was going to attend. But unfortunately, he could not see the morning sun of September 1, to be part of that meeting. Contrary to tradition as Ngoketunjia fons asserted, the information about Fon Doh’s departure is already an open secret.
Fon Doh has held several posts in his life such as, Mayor, President of North West Fons Conference and lone CPDM Parliamentarian during the 90s.He was also the President of CAMARK Bamenda. His political career witnessed a dramatic twist when he was imprisoned for his involvement in the murder case of Balikumbat SDF District Chairman John Kohtem.

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