Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Traditional Rulers Launch Initiative to Promote Eco-tourism

 By FC Junior
HRM King Mgochia Charles Mboine Ahidjo, Fon of Mejang
An association known as Cameroon Cultural Development Cooperative Association-CCDCA initiated by traditional rulers of Cameroon to promote and protect indigenous knowledge and practices has launched a nationwide sensitization campaign in Bamenda. The Bamenda launching of September 15, 2012 witnessed the presence of traditional rulers, human rights activists and environmental experts. Bookmakers who took the pains to be party of the ceremony were quick to observe that the initiative marks the opening of a new page for a culture that has been witnessing a lot of pressure from without.
According to the President General of CCDCA HRH Fon Mgochia Charles Mboine of Mejang village, the meeting was timely and marks a significant turning point in the cultural heritage and traditional norms of the various fondoms especially at this point in time that much is being said about climate change and globalization. According to HRH Fon Mgochia Charles Mboine, CCDCA seeks to adopt strategies that would promote and propagate the different cultural heritage and traditional norms inorder to foster sustainable development. Culture he said if properly valourized will act as an immeasurable tool to alleviate poverty and fight miseries in rural areas. In terms of touristic potentials, he said that fondoms have a lot of unexploited potentials such as caves, waterfalls, sacred forests, etc… that if well developed could go a long way to generate resources for communities to be sustainable. Stressing on the contribution of traditional rulers in the fight against climate change, HRH Fon Mgochia Charles Mboine said CCDCA will equally assist communities in putting into practice traditional conservation strategies in order to sustain its actions so as to rescue humanity since “our culture is our identity”, he observed.  
Created on July 16, 2012 out of the dire need to shelter the rich cultural heritage of the different fondoms that make up Cameroon, CCDCA also advocates for dialogue as a means of solving conflicts rather than inter village wars. Besides, the association also has as objectives to promote the sustainable use of natural resources, combat child labour and trafficking as well as discourage other human rights violations. With the pressure on cultural practices and traditional norms, CCDCA also intends to identify and develop touristic sites in fondoms in order to stimulate the eco-tourism sector in villages as a means to protect heritage, the President General concluded.
On the other hand Thom Schotanus of German nationality, one of the key speakers outlined the importance of culture in an emerging country. The sector, he said was virgin and provides numerous opportunities that could serve as the cornerstone in the fight against poverty. In his presentation, Thom Schotanus applauded traditional rulers for being steadfast in communal actions “no stranger will develop a community more than the indigenes”. He noted that fondoms in Cameroon have a lot of unexploited potentials that if developed will go a long way to sustain lives in communities. According to Thom Schotanus, CCDCA is up to task to face the challenges and effect positive change.
It should be noted that CCDCA recently rewarded some distinguished students for their performances during the last end of year examinations. Memorial Comprehensive College, Mejang was selected as the first beneficiary of CCDCA Scholarship Scheme.

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