Tuesday, October 2, 2012

As ELECAM Launches Biometric Registration: Mezam II Adopts Strategies to Go on Political Crusade

By Cassimandoman

John B Ndeh Mezam II Section President
Holding at the background of the launching of Biometric Recompilation of Voters Registers, local CPDM party officials in Santa Sub Division have taken a firm commitment to go down to the grassroots to mobilize and sensitize militants. The vast strategic programme according to Mezam II Section President John Begheni Ndeh is intended to boost the biometric voters’ recompilation process introduced by Elections Cameroon. During the meeting, committees were set up to follow up sensitization while at the same time militants were also given room to reflect on the choice of grassroots party leaders to be sent to the council and Parliament.
Addressing the section and sub section executive officials, the Section President John B Ndeh said Santa Sub Di vision has a large population of resourceful elites as well as devoted and committed CPDM militants who constitute a formidable force in the political landscape of the North West Region and Cameroon at large. John Begheni Ndeh exhorted the people of Santa to use this God given advantage to work together, speak in one voice, for the benefit of the people of the area. Accordingly, John B Ndeh said “I believe that working together, in total unity, as militants of the ruling CPDM family, our endeavours to achieve the general objective we strive for namely, to bring development to the Santa Special Constituency for the benefit of our people, would be more effective and therefore more rewarding”. He also tasked the committees as well as the entire section executive to go on a political crusade to woe more militants from the opposition and cause more registration on the electoral registers. This, he said if properly implemented will “result to a swift and massive improvement in CPDM party militancy and votes in the Santa Special Constituency” he reiterated.
He went further to remind participants that “we all admit that the farmer who sows bountifully harvest bountifully unlike the one who sows sparingly. We will harvest bountifully at the next crucial Twin Elections if we wholeheartedly work for it and of course, our blessings from the party hierarchy will be more development projects for the Santa Sub Division”.
Also present at the meeting was the former Prime Minister, Head of Government, Simon Achidi Achu as well as other internal and external elite of Santa. During the meeting, party local officials also resolved to produce a special edition of their party magazine “The Eye Opener” into to immortalize an illustrious son of Santa, late Hon. Samuel Mofor who played a preponderant role in the Cameroon Re-unification process. At the end of the meeting, Mezam II Section signed and dispatched a motion of Thanks, support and congratulations to the Head of State President Paul Biya for his unfailing leadership qualities and the peace Cameroon enjoys.

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Anonymous said...

John B Ndeh i think remains the most dynamic politician of the CPDM in Anglophone Cameroon. I always like the way he tackles political issues in Santa and the North West Region

Anonymous said...

Politicians should learn from this man because he never tell lies to cajole for votes. What i found fanscianting about Mr. John Begheni Ndeh is his levelheadedness in politics. Him and Fru Ndi are from the same Santa, but i have never heard them insulting each other in public in the name of politics. Politics is about strategies and JB Ndeh does it well by planning ahead of time. Those who wait to feed their chicks on the day of the market will only have themselves to blame.

Anonymous said...

Can someone not ask him to rest from politics? He is doing much at his age. What for?