Tuesday, October 2, 2012

At SDF NEC: Kambiwa Mocks at Osih Joshua

 The incident that took place in South Africa where Chantal Kambiwa outsmarted Ni John Fru Ndi’s candidate is yet to settle down within the SDF party.  At the last NEC meeting that took place in Bamenda a forthnight ago, Kambiwa Chantal who crushed Osih Joshua in an election in South Africa to emerge as Socialist International representative demonstrated to NEC members that she is an iron fist. Chantal Kambiwa is quoted to have told Osih in his face that he (Osih) lacks competence in international politics. Allegations are rife at that Kambiwa Chantal during the heated debate also drew admiration  when she told NEC what many never knew. Kambiwa ridiculed Osih Joshua when she revealed that he (Oshih) submitted her candidature. She failed short of almost telling Fru Ndi that "Chairman, you are telling a lie". NEC members we gathered were shocked at the revelations made by Chantal Kambiwa. Fru Ndi who played the advocate, we gathered was also shocked at the way Kambiwa  vibrated. (But could not say Chairman you are lying) NEC members according to the hint observed that Osih Joshua wanted to play a smart one over Kambiwa but was hooked. The Eye is aware that the heated debate split NEC members into camps with Chantal Kambiwa having the highest supporters.
 However, the last NEC members also observed with indignation the fact that President Biya has ignored the Babessi flood victims yet made a trip to the Northern region. The programme for the National Convention of the SDF was also made public. According to the Programme, the 2012 National Convention shall begin on October 10 with a Special meeting of NEC while the arrival of delegates and accreditations will be on October 11. On October 12, SDF Chairman Ni John Fru Ndi shall also make his policy speech while the next day, elections into NEC shall be conducted. The SDF shall use the conference to test what it has been advocating for since 1990, the single ballot.

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