Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ELECAM Defies Electoral Laws to Launch Biometric Registrations

By Baweson Nfor
The Director of Elections Cameroon-ELECAM has announced that  voter recompilation using the biometric technology will start on October 3, 2012. According to the Release signed by Mohamman Sani, the exercise shall commence on October 3 as cited above and will run through February 28, 2012. Some opposition leaders are already talking of the violation of Sections 74 (2) and 75 (3) of Cameroon Law No. 2012/001 0f April 19, 2012 relating to the Electoral code. According to Section 74 (2) “The annual revision of the electoral registers shall commence on January 1 and ends on 31 August of ever year”. However, sources link to ELECAM office hinted that ELECAM Director drew inspiration from Section 7 (3) of the Electoral Code which provides; “In case of recompilation of electoral registers, the Director General of ELECAM may extend the period provided for in section 74 (2) above by no more than three months. But given that the entire electoral register was completely blank, public opinion is questioning whether the rules of the game have not violated. More so, the period announced by ELECAM is more than 3 months as provided for by the law. Notwithstanding, the process for the first biometric registration is Cameroon has been announced and every one of voting age has as civic responsibility to get register in order to vote in the upcoming Legislative and Municipal elections. Opposition leaders have cried fouled that if Elections Cameroon is not stopped, it is already a strategy to rig elections. More so, Oshi Joshua, SDF Vice National Chairman is quoted to have lambasted the approach by Elections Cameroon arguing that if Cameroonians are not vigilant, elections the outcome of the registration process will be catastrophic due to many maneuvers. Yet, Fonkam Azu'u is mute over the accusations and really full of himself that he is giving a deaf ear to the issues raised by the opposition. 

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